Four Fresh Paint Colors for Spring 2020

Painting your interior walls can completely change the way your apartment not just looks, but feels. The temperature and lighting changes that accompany seasonal transitions can likewise dramatically affect how your apartment feels, so you may want to consider painting your interior walls to match the winter-spring transition. Before you so much as buy paint cans and rollers, though, check your lease to see whether you’re allowed to repaint, and if you are, consider leaning toward spring colors that are easy to paint over when you move out. Once you’ve taken these considerations into account, choose from among any of these four fresh paint colors for spring 2020 to best welcome to spring into your apartment.

1. Light blue

Leading paint manufacturers predict that light blue will be among the trendiest paint colors in 2020. Light blue is a great choice among the trending paint colors for spring 2020 for your spring repainting because it’s soft enough to match plenty of your other decor, but it might be a challenge to paint over when the time comes. If you’re up for that long-term labor, though, a light blue paint coat can evoke thoughts of clear skies and blooming flowers, two very spring-like images.

2. Orange

This is another option that only works if you’re willing to put in the extra work that comes with painting over a challenging color, but if you aren’t worried about this potential long-term obstacle, then orange is a prime choice for spring. Few colors evoke sunlight as quickly as orange does, and orange is a color that literally shares its name with a fruit – how much more spring-like can you get?

3. Clay

Clay paint (a shade of burgundy) could arguably count as a calmer shade of red, but its relatively dark color makes it easier to paint over than many other shades set to trend in 2020. Leading paint manufacturers have suggested that clay and earth-tone colors like it bring to mind images such as aged plaster – the slightly crumbled but often charming material covering home exteriors, especially in urban areas – and as you step outside more often to enjoy the spring weather, having this material come to mind in your own apartment might be just the spring kick you’re seeking.

4. White

When all else fails, stick to a mantra that never fails: Keep it simple, stupid. White is among the easiest colors to paint over, and in recent years, it’s become more in vogue than gray for interior painting. Keep in mind that no two shades of white are exactly the same – although white is often considered the “plain” color, you’ll have many different options for white paint when it comes time to redo your walls. Go for a soft white that isn’t as bright, or choose a shade of white that best matches your furniture, cabinets, and apartment decor. If you choose an especially neutral shade of white, then maybe your landlord won’t even ask you to repaint!

What paint colors have you excited this spring? Sound off in the comments!

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