How to Tackle Spring Cleaning With Your Roommates

The tradition of spring cleaning may seem overwhelming. Do you really want to take the time and put in the labor to clean your entire apartment? This concern can be less pressing when you have roommates because you can all split the work evenly. Here’s how to tackle spring cleaning with your roommates.

Decide what to clean

Spring cleaning may conjure images of making sure that every single spot in your house is sparkling clean, but an efficient spring cleaning only tackles areas that actually need to be spruced up. These spaces include floors, dusty surfaces, your refrigerator, windows, and cluttered closets and other spaces. They don’t necessarily include walls and doors – you and your roommates shouldn’t sweat patching up every little hole in your wall or small piece of paint peeling from your doors unless it’s a complete blight on your space.

Decide and divide

If you identify six things in need of cleaning and you’re one of three roommates, then each of you should be responsible for cleaning two things. Make sure that everybody gets tasked with an object or space they’re happy to clean. Some people prefer mopping and vacuuming floors to wiping down every little surface in the fridge, and others might enjoy the relief that comes from reorganizing and decluttering way more than clearing a room of dust.

Make a plan

Making a plan for spring cleaning involves two parts. Before either part, you should make sure to internalize one idea: Setting a spring cleaning plan doesn’t mean you have to begin one right away. Feel free to take your time.

That said, don’t take too much time. Part one of your spring cleaning plan is to schedule when cleaning will occur. After all, if you’re cleaning the fridge, then you don’t want your roommate cleaning the kitchen floor while you get the job done. Then, once you have a timeline in place, determine what items you’ll need to properly clean your apartment.

If you don’t have a reliable mop on hand, now is the time to get one. If you’re out of cleaning fluid for your mop, then do a quick supermarket or drugstore run to get a refill. And while you’re there, stock up on gloves, paper towels, and other household items you might find useful for your spring cleaning.

Keep helpful tips in mind

Once you’ve identified what you’ll clean, divided the work, set a cleaning timeline, and bought all your cleaning goods, you’ll feel ready to tackle your spring cleaning tasks with ease. That said, anyone who’s ever cleaned a room knows that unexpected challenges will arise – you just can’t get those clumps of pet fur out of the carpet, you accidentally find more dust in a room you already cleaned, your bathroom cleaning solution doesn’t seem to be getting the job done. 

In each of these cases, there are helpful tips you can keep in mind. Use a shower squeegee to get those pet hair clumps out better than your vacuum can. Begin by dusting TV screens, ceiling fans, and wall fixtures before vacuuming floors. Let your bathroom cleaning solutions sit for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing down surfaces.

How do you tackle spring cleaning with your roommates? Share your tips in the comments!

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  1. Avatar Kevin

    I rent my extra bedroom to a quiet guy, i do ALL of the cleaning bathroom, kitchen, sweep the floor in his room once per week,

    The place looks GREAT at ALL times.

    I do the cleaning to claim “control” its “my apartment you rent a room”

    Roomer has 2 chores, take in the US Mail, and place a new roll of toilet paper on the roller when needed.

    GREAT roomer, pays the rent on time, wipes his feet at the door, honest, loves my dog ,etc.

    To keep a GOOD room mate – provide a nice environment.