Six Fresh, New 2020 Decorating Trends

You’ve heard about new year, new you – now, get ready for new year, new apartment decor. After all, the way you decorate your apartment is an extension of your personality and interests! If you’re feeling sparse on decor inspiration, check out these six fresh, new 2020 decorating trends to get a jumpstart on sprucing up your apartment.

1. Vintage vibes

Say goodbye to your folding chairs and hello to non-collapsible seats with spindles, spooled legs, and other decorative flourishes that call older eras to mind. Metal-frame benches, wooden pallet shelves, and recycled side tables are just some of the many other ways you can bring vintage vibes into your apartment – and there’s no shortage of methods for doing it yourself.

2. Floral fun

Flowers die, but flower-patterned decor doesn’t. Whether you’re down for the effort that comes with putting up wallpaper or just want to hang some cute prints of hydrangeas and roses, flower patterns are among the biggest new 2020 decorating trends. Your floral decor options might best suit your bathroom or living room.

3. Canopy beds

Apartment life often means a full bed on a basic wooden frame (or, if you’re economizing for space, a frame with storage). One of the most unexpected new 2020 decorating trends, then, is the resurgence of canopy beds. Though long associated with luxury, these large, tall best frames first originated as frames for ensuring both warmth and privacy. Though they may seem extravagant, this might be one of the new 2020 decorating trends best equipped to keep you comfy at night.

4. Olive trees

Just as with yard sales, you don’t need a yard to grow an olive tree. Plant one in a vase near a west- or south-facing window in your apartment to add a verdant piece of timeless decor to your apartment. Make sure to buy a dwarf olive tree, though, because full-size ones can quickly grow to be taller than your apartment can accommodate. Follow these tips to properly care for your olive tree, and if you do an especially good job, your tree might even grow olives you can use in the kitchen.

5. Antique art

Paintings, prints, and other framed portraits have long been a leading category of decorations, but the art subcategory dominating home decor seems to fluctuate constantly. Trends for 2020 predict that antique art will lead the pack, in large part because its aged look and vague rendering of events quickly fascinate guests in your apartment. You can easily find antique art on e-commerce sites or at art galleries in your area, but keep in mind that antique art can be expensive.

6. Multi-seat bathrooms

If you have space to fit another seat in your bathroom, then 2020 is the year to make it happen. As bath bombs and other bathroom-based self-care treatments have become more prevalent, bathrooms have gradually become more communal spaces (though certainly not for all occasions), so buying small benches, window seats, stools, and other bathroom fixtures is among the freshest new decorating trends for 2020.

What decorative changes do you plan to make in 2020? Share your ideas in the comments!

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