Five Ways to Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

When it’s cold out, few things compare to the rush of warmth that passes through you as you step into your apartment from the outside world. Keeping your apartment’s temperature bearable tends to get a bit pricey, but if you cherish warmth, you’re likely OK with your winter utility costs going up just a bit. And if you follow these five ways to save on your winter heating bill, your costs might not go up all that much.

1. Lower your thermostat

Definitions of room temperature range from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep your thermostat at the low end of this range to minimize your heat bill while maintaining a comfortable temperature. For additional heating bill savings, lower your heat to a number between 55 and 60 degrees at night – your body doesn’t need as warm of temperatures for sleep, and you’ll spend significantly less money heating your apartment to this lower temperature. For the ultimate control over how warm your apartment is and when, consider shifting to a smart home thermostat.

2. Use ceiling fans, but do so carefully

When you think of ceiling fans, you likely think of another way to stay cool during the most oppressive summer days. During the hot months, fans that spin counter-clockwise push cool air down toward you, and in the winter, you can set them to do the opposite. Fans that spin clockwise push warm air down and bring cool air upward, providing an inexpensive boost to your heating system, which won’t have to work as hard to keep your apartment warm.

3. Get some sun

No, stepping outside in the dead of winter won’t make you or your apartment warmer, but knowing how to use the sun’s natural light and warmth to heat your apartment can make a difference. Windows that face south or west receive sunlight at the warmest times of day, and as this sunlight passes through these windows into your apartment, your home will feel warmer. Just make sure to shut your curtains or blinds at night to help prevent the nighttime cold from seeping in.

4. Cover leaks

Just because your window looks fully sealed doesn’t mean that it is. Even the thinnest of gaps between the top of your window and its frame can slowly let cold air creep into your apartment. You might not feel the impacts of these gaps unless you stand or sit directly next to them, but a drafty window or an ill-sealed door frame can easily lower your apartment’s temperature. For a quick home solution, use plastic film or tape to cover any gaps.

5. Layer up properly

If you’re committed to keeping your thermostat low but still feel a bit cold, you might be tempted to throw on sweatpants and a sweater. This is a good start, but it’s all for nothing if you think that being home means you should be barefoot. When your feet are cold, there’s no hope for your body to stay warm, so make sure to wear socks around your apartment even if you’d rather let your feet fly free. Even curling up under a thick blanket only goes so far without socks.

How do you save money on your winter heating bills? Share your tips in the comments!

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