Four Great Housewarming Gifts for Your Friend’s First Apartment

If you’re the kind of person who likes to invite friends to celebrate big moments with you, then maybe you had a housewarming party when you moved into your first apartment. When you did, maybe some of your friends got you housewarming gifts for the occasion. And now that your friends are moving into their first apartments, you might be wondering what housewarming gifts you can get them too.

You might also be concerned about finding a fun present that’s also affordable and making sure your gift doesn’t take up too much space in your friend’s apartment. A housewarming, though, isn’t a wedding or a baby shower – your gift doesn’t need to be massive or expensive to get the job done. Below, find a list of four great affordable, modestly sized housewarming gifts for your friend’s first apartment.

1. Novelty salt and pepper shakers

If your friend’s first apartment doesn’t have the biggest kitchen and they’re not the most creative cook, they might start a lot of mornings by quickly frying up some eggs on their stovetop. No egg breakfast is complete without salt and pepper, so bring a bit of spunk into your friend’s life with novelty salt and pepper shakers that make breakfast ever so slightly cuter. You can find shakers shaped like elephants interlocking their trunks, cats adorably arching their backs, and all sorts of other quirky designs.

2. A French press

According to a recent survey, 64 percent of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day. If you want your friend to enjoy only the best coffee in their first apartment, equip them with a French press to move them past instant coffee and pod-based brewing machines. The average French press won’t take up too much room on the countertop or cabinet, and many designs are dishwasher-safe to boot. Even if your friend struggles to understand new devices, this one should be easy for them to figure out.

3. A small side table or nightstand

If you do it right, you can find a small side table or nightstand for roughly the same price as a dinner out with your friend, if not less. If your friend uses your housewarming gift next to their couch, they might think of you every time they put down their bowl of dinner or glass of water as they curl up in front of their smart TV. If they use your housewarming gift next to their bed, then they might think of you as they turn the lights off and descend into a night of blissful sleep.

4. A smart lightbulb

Give your friend ultimate control over their new apartment’s ambiance with a smart light bulb. Like the vast majority of smart home devices, smart light bulbs can be controlled via phone, meaning that your friend can change their smart bulb’s color from blue to red as they scroll through their favorite social media feed. What better way to give your friend ultimate control of their new apartment’s mood? That’s a gift for which they’ll be endlessly thankful.

What housewarming gifts would you get a friend for their first apartment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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