Should You Install A Security System In Your Apartment?

There are few notions quite as unsettling as the idea that neither you nor your belongings are truly safe at home. According to the FBI, over 2 million homes each year fall prey to burglary. Even if you lock the knob, deadbolt, and chain on your front door, close and lock all your windows, and live in an apartment above ground level, the mere idea that your home can be broken into might give you some trepidation. Is there anything more you can do to protect your space and belongings?

Some people might say that a home security system, even in an apartment building, offers you the protection that you seek. These systems can set off loud alarms that alert you in the event a burglar enters your apartment. They often automatically notify the police of unwelcome entry into your home. But is a home security system really worth installing, especially since the 2 million homes per year that are burgled comprise not even two percent of American households? Below, find the pros and cons of a home security system in your apartment.

Pros of a Home Security System

A security system can help to deter burglars

If a burglar enters your apartment and sees or hears an alarm, they’re far more likely to flee the scene before damaging your home or stealing any of your belongings. Some studies have shown that as many as 60 percent of potential burglars would flee a home they initially intended to enter if they spotted a security system.

You can keep track of all activity

A home security system can be used for more than just keeping intruders at bay. If you have small children or pets at home, you can use certain home security system models to set up real-time, live audio and video of your home. A home security system that offers this option in addition to traditional alarm and police contacting tools may be worth seeking.

Local authorities will be notified

With many home security systems, the company from which you purchased the system and/or local police authorities will be notified of any intrusion into your apartment. This extra layer to home security offers robust protection at every step of the way, especially when you’re not at your apartment.

Cons of a Home Security System

Potentially challenging setup

Home security systems aren’t simple things. All the components need to be properly installed to effectively detect the very things against which they’re designed to protect. During setup, you could also run into wiring and routing problems that effectively render your devices useless.

You’ll need to spend

Most home security systems don’t come cheap. A quick internet search for home security systems turns up prices in the triple digits. Rather than spending high dollar amounts on devices that you might forget to trigger or that might not keep the deftest of burglars at bay, you might want to make sure to be consistent about locking all your doors and windows whenever you leave the house or turn in for the night. Renting an apartment higher up in your building might also help to quell your nerves.

What are your options?

If you want a security system in your apartment, you don’t necessarily need to install a full-blown alarm system. You may not have the ability to install something multi-faceted or complicated, or maybe your building has security built-in. You can go a more DIY route using smart home security systems, such as cameras and window and door sensors, that you can control from any device with WiFi or data access. You can even couple this with traditional home security systems for the ultimate in home security.

If you do decide to install a home security system…

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