Should You Give Up Cable? Pros and Cons to Cutting the Cord

All your bills come under greater scrutiny once a good chunk of your budget begins to go toward the rent. If you’re new to renting, it’s only natural to examine your other bills to see where you can reduce your costs. There are plenty of small things you can do to reduce that monthly burden, such as swapping out your lights for energy-efficient LEDs. There are also plenty of ways to maximize what you already have, such as a high-speed internet connection, which can be as essential as water and electricity to many.

One way to truly maximize the internet you’re already paying for is to cut your cable bill and switch to streaming services. The cost of cable keeps spiking year after year, leaving many people to pay three-figure bills every month just to channel-surf. With Netflix, Hulu, individual cable networks, and the many other streaming services dominating entertainment options at a way lower price, you might just be able to trade in your cable box for a TV casting device.

Consider these pros and cons while weighing your decision to cut the cable:

Pros of Getting Rid of Cable

More money

The most obvious pro of getting rid of cable is perhaps the most appealing reason to cut it. Cable subscriptions don’t come cheap. Although internet and cable combination packages may seem to save you money on paying for cable, when you break costs down by service, you can save plenty of money each month by opting solely for internet. Paying for one or two streaming services can save you a fair amount, and for cost-cutting purposes, it might be worth your while to have somewhat more limited viewing options.

Cheaper alternatives

For most things for which you use cable, a cheaper alternative exists. For example, with a cable subscription, you have access to Music Choice’s nearly one hundred TV channels that spin music non-stop. Although this can add welcome ambiance to a party, these days, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming services offer much more customizable music listening experiences for a much smaller amount per month than cable costs. Similarly, Netflix, Hulu, and the like charge cheaper monthly rates than cable does.

Cable isn’t as easy to use

You might want to keep in mind that cable can be genuinely more annoying to use than a streaming service. You can’t quite search for whatever TV show or movie you have in mind with cable, and the channel guide that most cable subscriptions include is tedious to navigate. If you’re really looking for instant access to TV and movies, you may want to consider cutting cable and going with streaming services instead.

Cons of Getting Rid of Cable

Unlimited TV access

Let’s say you absolutely loved a show you watched on Hulu or Netflix, and you can’t wait to watch its new season. Then, you realize that the upcoming season of the show is only available on TV. What do you do?

Having cable lets you stay up to date on your favorite shows without having to wait forever — sometimes as long as a full year — before it lands on your preferred streaming service. You can tune into the channel that airs your favorite show right as it’s making its way into millions of homes across the country. In some cases, your cable subscription can get you access to an online, on-demand portal so you can watch new episodes whenever, wherever. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to tune into late-night TV, game shows, or sports games whenever you’d like.

Several smaller bills per month

When you cut cable, you split services such as music streaming and on-demand TV access into several parts. Although this means that you’ll be spending less money, you may find it more challenging to stay atop all your bills when you have six roughly equal bills for six different music and TV services instead of one lump sum for cable. Extensive, regular checking of your budget, bank accounts, and credit cards can solve this issue, but for those who lean on the less organized, more easily overwhelmed side, cable can offer an easier all-in-one solution.

There’s no wrong decision

Whether or not you cut cable, you’ll be making an informed decision that keeps your budget and your wants in mind. There’s no wrong decision, plus you can always change your mind!

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  1. Avatar Kevin

    Cable TV can be “cost effective” if your too broke to go out and stay home often the cable TV cost is justified.