How To Find Your New Luxury Rental In 36 Hours

When your lease ends and you’re ready to relocate, finding a new place to live can be daunting. It’s stressful enough to devote time every day to hunt down a new luxury rental on the many apartment finder websites out there. Contacting landlords and agents becomes a time suck, and that’s before scheduling rental visits around your busy work schedule and social life. Why should you have to skip work to see an apartment you ultimately might not get?

Before you spend significant time sifting through apartments that don’t meet your expectations (or standards!), it’s important to get a strong handle on what you’re looking for in your new luxury rental. Having this information in hand cuts through the clutter, helping you make the important decisions about rentals in record time.

How To Determine What You Want In Your Next Luxury Rental

First, it’s important to understand what’s included in a luxury building that you won’t find in your standard complex. Luxury buildings aren’t just new constructions with nice floors and pretty countertops — they offer a suite of stunning options that are unavailable anywhere else. Luxury buildings offer top-of-the-line security, deluxe kitchen appliances, more spacious floor plans, resort-style swimming pools, in-building fitness centers, and much, much more. More luxury rentals are offering in-house, 24-hour concierge service, too.

Ask the simple questions once you have a handle on the options available to you. Know the important basics such as how many bedrooms you need, how soon you’d like to move, how much rent you want to pay, if your building needs to be pet-friendly, and whether you require amenities such as a parking space, in-unit laundry, a gym in the building, or hardwood floors. You should also have a neighborhood or two in mind. Once you determine these core needs, this information will help narrow your options available within the timeframe you want or need to move.

Once you set your basic parameters, it’s time to drill down the details. These additional options should be your “nice to have” list, such as big windows or a smart thermostat, which you’d ideally find in your next luxury rental but you could live without. Compartmentalizing what you’d like to have, versus what you must have, will make it easier to navigate your options without excluding anything you may not have thought of.

While narrowing down what you need and want in a luxury rental may seem like an overwhelming process, there are software platforms and services available that make it much easier to quickly identify what you’re looking for. AptAmigo combines the brainpower of experienced real estate concierges with the power of proprietary software to put the best luxury rental matches at the top of your list so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

How AptAmigo Blends Technology and Concierge Service

AptAmigo supplements its custom-built luxury rental search engine with a touring agent assigned directly to you. This agent acts as your liaison throughout your apartment search, identifying the properties that fit your budget, must-haves and desired amenities.

AptAmigo asks these key questions right away to narrow down the available options and provide your agent everything needed to find your next home. At the very start of your search, you’ll share your must-haves and your “nice to have” list. Your agent will then send you a list of luxury rentals that fits your needs, from which you can remove any rentals in which you’re not interested. Once you’ve selected the residences you’d like to see, your touring agent will schedule a full day of visits for you. If you can’t make an appointment, your touring agent will go in your place and take video for you!

AptAmigo doesn’t stop at identifying luxury rental options. The concierges handle all leasing agent communication, including follow-up and asking questions, on your behalf. AptAmigo also pays for all transportation between your visits, making it even simpler to move from appointment to appointment.

If you want to maintain a bit of control over what luxury rental listings you see, AptAmigo’s proprietary property search software lets you narrow down your options in truly unique ways. The search engine displays ratings for each luxury rental, all submitted by people who have lived there, alongside indicators that a rental is hot and trending or lowering its rents (or sometimes both). Its map view labels the public transit options surrounding a luxury rental, so you’ll be able to size up your commute and travel times right away. You can click on any neighborhood on the map to quickly narrow your search, and you can even set your own customized geographic boundaries thanks to AptAmigo’s Draw tool.

Why Renters Are Switching to AptAmigo

People who have used AptAmigo universally wish they’d found it sooner. Rachel F., who moved five times in five years, used AptAmigo on her most recent move, and she says the company “made the process enjoyable and pain-free.” Alisha F., in a particularly insightful testimonial, says that AptAmigo “simplified a 36-hour hunt that ended in success.” You can read more testimonials from happy, satisfied customers on AptAmigo.

AptAmigo is available in Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta, with more cities being added in the coming months. Begin your apartment search today! Visit to get started.

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