Creative Ways To Save Space In A Studio Apartment

You’ve made the big leap. After years of sharing homes with roommates, you’ve signed a lease and put down a deposit on your first apartment alone, a studio that you’ll have entirely to yourself. The only downside is adjusting to life in a smaller space. Most studios are just several hundred square feet in size, and you’re eating, sleeping, and hanging out all in one small space. The space-saving tricks below can make your home feel way bigger on a pretty modest budget.

Use that space under your bed wisely

All that space low down to the ground holds plenty of storage potential out of sight of family and friends. Take advantage of this extra space by filling plastic storage bins with linens, towels, seasonal items, and other necessities that you don’t need to access every day. Consider picking up clear bins so you can see your items at a glance. You can also consider a bed frame with built-in drawers to store these items truly out of sight.

You can add even more storage space with a set of bed risers. Typically around 6 inches tall, this adds just enough space to place a tall bin or two underneath the bed.

Stock up on over-the-door storage

The inside of your closet or bathroom door (or even your front door) can make a great space for hanging towels, storing shoes, or organizing ties, running shorts, and so much more. With the proper over-the-door storage in your bedroom closet, you might be able to say goodbye to that one set of small plastic drawers that offers ample storage space but takes up more room than you’d like.

Invest in storage furniture

Couches, coffee tables, ottomans, and chairs will all take up valuable floor space in your first studio apartment. Make them work overtime by buying furniture that comes with built-in storage space. Under-couch storage can be a great place to keep blankets, towels, and other basics that aren’t as easily stored in your closet. Keep remotes, portable speakers, board games, and other items organized and neatly hidden in storage ottomans. Store books, small candles, and other living room items in the drawers of a coffee table.

Hang items on the walls

Your bike might allow to get you around town without spending any money and while getting in your daily exercise, but it also takes up plenty of space. Buy a bike rack so you can store your bike on your wall without it interfering with your décor setup. If you’re not a biker, mount your TV to the wall so you can free up the space a TV stand would occupy for a dresser or desk. Sure, walls are important to decorate so your first apartment feels like a home, but they’re also important to take advantage of so that you can use all the space possible in your new studio. And in your first studio apartment, maximizing space is essential.

Plot out your closet before you move in

Studios typically only come with one or two closets, so it’s very important that you make these little storage spaces work. This may take some extra careful planning and an extra trip to a home improvement store, but the investment is worth it. Extra wire shelves, hooks, and cubbies can help keep you organized and properly stack items that need to be stashed away.

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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar Kevin

    one can hang a dozen shirts, jackets, suits on just 1 hanger saves a TON of room in the closet

    Problem is “finding” things, so “keep notes” get a small pad write down what is under what jacket, etc.

  2. Avatar Raychel H.

    I thought getting anything larger than a twin bed in my studio was gonna be absolutely insane. My landlord told me about Furnishr and I got to sit back and let them deliver and set up my bed. They knew the place better than me since I had sent my dimensions in. I’m moving again in May and i already know who I’m calling again.