7 Weekly Cleaning Activities You Should Be Doing

Sometimes, you just don’t want to clean your place. Whether you’ve gotten off from a big day at work or you’ve been swamped studying, daily cleaning can get lost in the busy fray. However, taking care of these 7 weekly cleaning tasks makes your monthly cleaning that much easier.  Your cleaning can be easily split up throughout the week to help you tackle all those pesky tasks. After all, no one wants to live in an apartment that does not look and smell clean.

If you create a weekly cleaning list and stick to doing one or two items a day, not only will you be able to stay on top of all your cleaning, but you’ll also maintain a perfectly nice place to invite friends to drop by any time.

1. Vacuum Carpet or Sweep Floors

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While some people may choose to do this chore daily, whether you have carpet, tile, or wooden floors, you should be cleaning them, especially if you have pets. Choose a day of the week to vacuum all the carpet in your home or sweep your floor, and you won’t have to worry about pesky build-up.

2. Wash and Change Sheets

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Changing your sheets certainly doesn’t need to happen daily, but it does need to be on your weekly cleaning list. A tip? Get more than one pair of sheets to prevent wear and tear from washing. Plus, you’ll be able to immediately make your bed after throwing the dirty set into the laundry.

3. Bathroom Surfaces

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While countertops in your kitchen should be cleaned daily since you prepare food in that space, cleaning your bathroom surfaces can be done weekly (but a quick daily clean never hurts). Don’t put this chore off, though. Items in your bathroom get harder to clean as time goes on, and no one wants to be scrubbing away mold.

4. Laundry

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Whether you head to a laundromat, have machines in your building, or are lucky enough to have them in your own place, laundry is a task that can build up quickly. Doing all your laundry weekly, including sheets, towels, and clothing, will help you make sure you’re never scrambling for something clean to wear. Plus, it’s also a chore that allows for multi-tasking (if you’ve got machines in your building or own place). While your clothes dry or wash, clean that bathroom or dust those shelves.

5. Dust Furniture

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Dusting is the perfect example of a chore that, if left too long, really builds up. You should be taking care of dust (and fur if you have pets) weekly to prevent it from building and building until you’re basically having an allergy attack in your apartment. Save yourself the runny nose, and dust weekly.

6. Clean Your Shower + Toilet

If there’s a weekly chore you should never avoid, it’s this one. Your shower and toilet will only become more and more difficult to clean as time goes on. No one wants to scrub groat from their shower for hours in order to remove mold, and uh, no wants to clean and exceptionally dirty toilet. Do this weekly, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

7. Clean Out Your Fridge

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Here’s thing about your fridge. Your entire apartment can be clean, but since you can’t see into your fridge all the time, it’s easy to forget about. Don’t do that. Every week, go through your fridge and find the food that has gone bad, the take-out leftovers you won’t eat, and place the food that only has a little time left near the front. No one likes a smelly fridge, after all.

If you stil to these 7 weekly cleaning items, your apartment could just be one of the cleanest on the block.


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