5 Tricks To Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

When you’re moving into your first apartment, it unlikely that you’re going to be blessed with a two bedroom, two bath townhouse. If you were so lucky, congratulations. However, for those in larger (and more expensive) cities, square footage is money, but don’t worry, there are ways to make your small space feel bigger. Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a one bedroom, tips and tricks are out there to make sure that you get the most spacious bang for your buck.

What are some ways to make your small space feel bigger?

1. Peel-Off Wallpaper

Paper Triangles $48, Walls Need Love

Using light colors on the walls can help to make spaces seem larger, but you may not be able to paint in your new place. That’s where peel-off wallpaper comes in. Simply add it to your walls, make your space seem larger, then peel it off once you leave.

2. Hidden Storage

Alcott Hill Oakford Upholstered Storage Bench, $95.99, Wayfair

The more items, especially big furniture pieces in a room, the more cluttered and small it will look. Use furniture that contains storage in order to minimize the items in your place in an effort to make it look larger.

3. Use Rugs

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By placing different rugs in different areas of a room, you break up space. What does this mean? It means that your studio apartment looks like it has different areas instead of just one big room making it larger than it is.

4. Mirrors

Placing a mirror across from a window is one of the ultimate tricks of the eye in terms of making a space look larger. Plus, the reflecting light will add brightness to your place.

5. Hang Curtains

No. 918 Emily Sheer Voile Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, $5.29-$7.49, Target

Another way to make a space seem bigger is by adding height by hanging ceiling to floor curtains. Not only will they add a bit of coziness to your space, but they’ll also add the illusion of height.

If you’re looking for a way to make your small apartment seem larger, use these tricks to get started.

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