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With a move across town often comes finding everyday goods and services closer to your home, such as grocery stores and dry cleaners. For people with prescriptions, there’s also the burden of finding a new doctor and pharmacy — making the trek all the way back to the old neighborhood for prescriptions is a time-waster and a burden.

For those taking birth control medications, the potential delay in birth control access, not to mention possible price changes, can be a risky situation. Luckily, online solutions exist to ensure that no woman misses her daily dose of birth control as she moves into a new apartment in a new neighborhood. One healthcare company, Simple Health, offers especially affordable, accessible birth control medication delivery that won’t be impacted by a move.

Simple Health eases birth control access

Even for women who are well-settled into their homes and neighborhood, birth control access can be difficult. To save money, one in every four women have skipped their daily birth control doses. Another 10 million women don’t have any health insurance to cover their birth control costs. Simple Health launched to address these challenges, and its online delivery service also offers a much-needed method for women to receive their birth control without needing to jump through hurdles each month.

Simple Health eliminates several obstacles involved in accessing birth control. Its patients are relieved of the time and money involved in scheduling doctor visits, getting to and from doctor’s offices, losing hours spent in waiting rooms, and getting to and from pharmacies to receive prescriptions. That’s because Simple Health delivers birth control directly to patients’ homes. Here’s how the Simple Health platform works.

Deciding on a birth control method

Users new to Simple Health begin by completing an online health profile, which is then reviewed by a licensed medical professional. The consultation can be done from any smartphone, computer, or tablet, and Simple Health’s staff of physicians reviews each patient with rigor and care to determine which birth control method is best for them.

Simple Health offers three methods of birth control, all of which work by releasing hormones that block ovulation, regulate the body’s natural hormonal cycle, and boast a 91% efficacy rate. The first and most common form is the once-daily pill. Also available are a patch changed weekly and a vaginal ring replaced every three to four weeks. Once a Simple Health doctor has prescribed one of these methods to a patient, Simple Health ensures timely, repeated prescription shipments — and that’s just where the convenience begins.

Receiving birth control

Simple Health requires no pharmacy visits. Once patients give their new address to Simple Health, it ships prescriptions to their doorsteps immediately after the initial consultation. Simple Health then takes on the burden of fulfilling prescriptions for one year, with delivery every one or three months depending on the patient’s insurance. Even patients without insurance can receive an online birth control prescription for just $15 per month, and all users, whether insured or not, can easily change their delivery addresses when and if they move.

The ease of address change makes Simple Health vital for any woman moving into a new apartment. Simple Health users can simply log in to their accounts and change their address in their user portal. From that moment forward, Simple Health will automatically deliver its online birth control prescriptions to the new address, so patients won’t skip a beat. And if the next prescription delivery is set to arrive close to or on the day of a move, Simple Health users can always contact the company’s customer support line to ensure their medication is delivered on time to the right address.

Simple Health makes birth control access easy

It can be pretty anxiety-inducing to make time for doctor visits and pharmacy runs. Imagine how much more dreadful it becomes to schedule these appointments around packing, unpacking, decorating, organizing, and all the other chores that come with moving? Simple Health gives its patients one less thing to worry about during this process. Anyone can use the platform to conveniently, affordably establish a birth control plan and receive the prescriptions needed to stick to it. New users simply need to complete an online consultation and let Simple Health handle the rest.

Simple Health’s affordability and ease of use make it the perfect solution for not enduring any birth control prescription delays during a move. Visit the Simple Health website to get started with the most convenient, budget-friendly birth control method on the market!

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