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Keeping up with your apartment could easily be a part-time job! From meal prep and cooking to cleaning and laundry to paying bills… there’s a lot that goes into renting your first place… especially when your sofa and bed are oh-so-comfy and you have the latest Netflix special to catch up on!! But instead of saving all of your chores for the weekend, boost your weekday motivation to be productive with these quick tips!

When you get home from work, or before you leave for a later shift, consider using these ways to keep up your weekday motivation to get. stuff. done:

Make a List

First thing’s first, make a list of what you’d like to accomplish! I’ve found that writing down my chores keeps me focused, plus I get the satisfaction of crossing items off my list as I move through it. Lists also give you a clear picture of what “success” looks like and can serve as a reminder if you don’t finish everything in one go.

You can even use your lists to chunk out your day, like including “Go to work” and “Go to spin class,” along with “meal prep overnight oats” and “empty dishwasher.”

Set a Timer

If you’re really dreading getting your chores done, set a timer and get as much done as possible during that time! 15 or 20 minutes is plenty of time to tidy up, vacuum, and start a load of laundry. Confining the amount of time for your tasks can immediately make them feel more manageable… and thus make you more likely to get them done!

Put Away Technology

Remove distractions! It’s much easier to watch TV or catch up on Instagram after a log day. Instead of turning on your tech when you walk in the door from work, take a few minutes to be productive first! Then, lounging in screen-time becomes a hard-earned reward.

Play Music

Just because you’re being productive doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Turn up your favorite music and cruise through meal prep or pop a podcast in your ears while you vacuum and wash your bedding. Music is a great motivator for workouts too, if that’s where you need weekday motivation!

Split Chores

Of course, you shouldn’t have to do all the chores alone… unless you live alone, that is! Make sure that each roommate splits chores evenly, or at least is responsible for a chore they don’t despise doing.¬†Share these ideas with them to keep your apartment tidier during the week!

Wear Sneakers

This one may sound silly, but NOTHING gives me more motivation in my apartment than… wearing sneakers! Putting on durable, comfortable shoes somehow encourages me to get off the sofa and get moving. Plus, sneakers give you an excuse to do ‘outdoor’ chores, like sweeping our your porch or taking out the trash… and you’re less likely to cuddle up under a blanket with sneakers on!

So… give it a try and let us know how you stay motivated during the week, too.


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