How to Build a Security System for Your First Apartment

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By Christopher Carney

Before you start organizing your housewarming party, one of the first things you should do in your new apartment is get a smart security system.

An apartment that’s truly secure, modern, and feels like your own needs smart security. The good news is that despite their impressive capabilities, smart security devices are now very affordable, easy to use, and can be self-installed in no time thanks to their clear instructions. And once you purchase your kit, there should be no contracts and no monthly fees.

Let’s take a look at five common apartment security issues … and how smart tech can help.

1. You worry about apartment security when you are not home.

We often worry about security issues most when we leave our homes, whether it’s for our daily trip to work or a long vacation. But smart tech lets you keep an eye on your apartment from afar by linking to an app on your phone. This means you can keep track of the status of your apartment at any time, from anywhere. You can get alerts about security issues directly to your phone, and you can remotely activate devices if you need to.

2. You left a door or window open.

We’ve all been there, it’s a beautiful day so you crack a window open and forget to shut it before you leave. With door & window sensors, you can get alerts right to your phone that you’ve left something open for a certain amount of time so you can run home quickly and shut it or be aware that any motion picked up by your system could mean trouble.

3. Your lights say a lot about your home.

One way you can take action if you get an alert about an open window is to remotely switch on lights. An open window and no lights could be an invitation to an intruder, but they’ll likely be put off by a fully illuminated apartment. You could even program your system to automatically turn lights on at certain times of day or in specific situations, such as when an open window being detected when you’re not home.

4. You’re not there.

A good smart security system should ideally have at least one motion sensor, a camera, and a door sensor to cover the entryway of your apartment. These devices, along with an HD video feed, let you keep an eye on your apartment from wherever you are.

5. You forgot to set your alarm.

Going out to do something fun can quickly be ruined if you’re preoccupied with worry that you left your apartment unlocked or unsecure. With a smart security system, you can check the status of every device, and even arm the system remotely from your phone. If an alert tells you that you need to secure your apartment, or even if you simply forgot to, you can take care of everything on the app.

We use our phones for so many things, from important tasks to killing time. Surely, checking in on the security of our home is worth a quick tap of an app! Best of all, smart home security devices are usually small and portable, so you can take them with you when you move out and make your new home just as secure.

Christopher Carney is Co-Founder and CEO of abode Systems. Christopher has over 15 years of experience in software and security technology, and developed abode to give consumers peace of mind in a simple home security system.

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