10 Tips for Handling a Rainy Day Move

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By Alejandro Herrera

When it comes time to move into your new home, it can be very easy to get lost in all the excitement and overlook the little things, like checking the weather forecast. Living in a state like Florida, where a quick rainstorm can surprise anyone during an afternoon, and some days are filled with heavy rain for hours, it is always important to check the weather when planning an important event. Unfortunately, some events, like moving days, just can’t be rescheduled. If you’re unlucky with the weather on your moving day, here are 10 tips I have learned living in Florida that have helped me handle any rainy moves into a Miami home like a pro.

  • Pack and Seal Your Boxes Indoors

If you have some important documents or electronic items that can’t afford to get wet, make sure you’ve not only packed your boxes indoors, but you should seal and cover them, as well. While it may prolong the unboxing process, it sure beats having to buy a new TV or get another copy of a birth certificate.

  • Invest in Some Shrink Wrap

Another important factor to remember is that blanket pads will not keep your things dry, so make sure you have plenty of shrink wrap on hand to cover the blankets up. That way you can still have some secure padding, but don’t have to worry about your furniture sitting in a soaking wet blanket for hours.

  • Get Creative with Your Cover

It’s ideal when you can back up your truck right up to the garage, but if that’s not an option, get creative to give yourself as much coverage as possible. Set up a small awning, or simply hang up a tarp or two. This won’t give you full coverage, but it’s better than getting directly drenched during the loading/unloading process.

  • Wait to Move In

When you move in the rain, it’s important to remember that you’re just trying to get all your stuff off the truck and into the house ASAP. Save yourself some time and put as many things in the closest (or biggest) rooms as possible. Wait to really settle in after you have everything off the truck and you don’t have to walk in and out of the house. This will not only save you time, but it helps to prevent injuries from slipping on wet floors.

  • Cover Up Carpets

If you have carpeted floors, you won’t want to dirty them up on the first day! If you don’t have moving mats handy, you can always break down cardboard boxes and lay them down in the entryways. Just stick to the path and your carpets will stay clean, even if you have muddy shoes.

  • Wipe as You Go

If you have a few friends or relatives helping you move in and you had an especially wet packing experience, break open a box of towels and have someone on drying duty as the boxes are offloaded from the truck. A quick wipe down will definitely save you some grief if you want to keep your new house sparkling clean.

  • Scout Your Route

When it comes time to move in your larger items such as dressers, washers, tables, and beds, the SF Gate recommends you take the time to scout the best possible route between the truck and its final destination. Make a plan to avoid potential trouble spots, and make sure your path ensures as smooth of a delivery as possible.

  • Take Your Time

While it is definitely important to get your things into your home quickly, nothing is more important than staying safe throughout the process. If you’re worried about your hands slipping, you can always pick up some gloves from Home Depot or a similar hardware store. Also, if you aren’t sure about a step or need to take a breather before something slips out of your hand, listen to your body and stop. Moving is already an activity prone to injury, but that is especially true when rain is added to the mix.

  • Wait It Out

Of course, a very viable option is to wait out the storm altogether, if it’s just a passing summer shower. If this is the case, be sure to remember that the sidewalks and streets will be slippery once you’ve opened up the truck, so be cautious when driving and when unloading your heavier items.

  • Hire Professionals

Finally, if it’s in your budget, hiring professional movers can make the moving process a lot easier, especially in the rain. Not only will they be able to safely transport your heavier pieces of furniture, but if you’re trekking boxes back and forth from your old home to your new one, it may even make sense financially to have all your belongings moved in one trip rather than seven or eight carloads. The quicker this process is, the less potential there is for your things to be damaged.

While moving in the rain is never enjoyable, it is particularly ironic when you live in The Sunshine State. All joking aside, moving in the rain presents a great deal of challenges, particularly if you’ve decided to handle a move on your own. Make sure you take the time to inspect your surroundings, pack your items with diligence and care, and load and unload your truck with extra caution. Hopefully, these tips will help you throughout your moving process so you can enjoy every second in your new home, rain or shine!

Alejandro Herrera is an online copywriter and SEO specialist working for beycome.com working to provide readers with helpful information and tips for their everyday needs. 

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