5 Trendy Apartment Ideas

Trends come and go, but with a little effort, you can make your space look like one in a beautiful, trendy apartment Instagram post! Check out these latest trends (that you can create on a budget!) to add some modern touches to your space.

Set up a coffee bar

Are you always stopping at the newest coffee shop for your favorite brew? You may need a Coffee Bar in your own apartment!

Find a small corner for your coffee pot or Keurig, a couple cute mugs, and keep your coffee supplies in arms reach! Dress up the area with fun signage or attach couple of Command hooks on the wall above your coffee maker to hang your favorite coffee mugs.

Throw down a colorful rug

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Do you actually prefer to spend time at home with your latest Netflix binge or a great book? Invest in a rug that makes you smile! Choose a fun color (that won’t be too bright!) and search thrifty sites like Wayfair or Target to find one in your budget.

This is a great way to “dress up” your apartment and cover up any yucky carpet that might be lingering. Be sure you make arrangements to be home when the package arrives… rug boxes are huge!

Plants… everywhere

Nothing says tranquility like greenery! There are tons of houseplant options, or you could choose to create a serene water garden in your place. Taking care of houseplants is pretty easy, especially with the tips in the posts above, and can be a ton of fun!

Wander through your local plant store or home improvement store and grab a few that you like. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either! They do best near sunlight, so choose your brighter areas to display your new plants.

Add bling with metallics

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Metallics are super in right now! There are tons of small decor items that can add metallic flair to your space. Look for lamps or other small items like candles or candle holders, bathroom accessories, sofa pillows, wall-art, or mirrors to bring the metallic trend inside.

Make healthy snacking easy

Almost bigger than any of these is the trend of making healthy choices! This one will not only make your apartment more trendy, but can have health benefits too. Grab a big fruit bowl for your fresh produce (keep a close eye for bugs!) or order a big water pitcher to fill with lemons or cucumber for fancy, fresh water in your fridge.

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