3 Tips to Simplify Your Moving Experience

Before a move, it’s absolutely crucial to be prepared for the big day! By taking some time to prepare, you can enjoy a simplified moving experience that ensures you have fewer headaches. While moving into your first apartment or between apartments isn’t always the most fun activity, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three quick and easy tips to help you prepare before your big move!

1. Start packing early

The best advice for moving is to begin packing early! Once you make the decision to move into your first apartment or move between apartments, start to organize and pack so you don’t feel overwhelmed on the last few days of your lease.

Purchase or borrow moving boxes and start to fill them with with non-essentials. Think about off-season clothing, decorative items and wall hangings, and kitchen items you rarely use. As your moving date looms closer, continue packing more and more. This process does not have to be special time you designate out from your day! Keep boxes handy and as you stumble upon non-essentials and items that you do not use daily, take a few minutes to pack them up. Instead of having to rush to pack up your whole place in a couple days, this strategy lets you make progress slowly over time and leaves you less to worry about last minute!

2. Give away or throw away items you don’t need

Getting rid of old items is a huge way to simplify your move! When you locate items you forgot you had, or haven’t used in six months, get rid of them instead of packing them up.  Set up a large donations box next to your packing area and when in doubt, add items in.

There is great freedom in cutting down on the items you own, and by giving things away or throwing things away before the move, you miss the huge hassle of packing, moving, and unpacking items you don’t need.

3. Choose one moving day

While packing should be an ongoing process, moving doesn’t have to be! Choose one day to move (instead of selecting a full weekend) and knock it all out. Not only does that help you source someone to help you (who will be more likely to help for one day than two or three!!), but also will motivate you to stay focused on the move and get things done quickly. Moving isn’t fun for anyone, and stretching the process out just makes it more frustrating.

As for the actual day, try picking a date that’s a day or two from your final day of your current lease. That way, you can spend one day moving all of your items out, and stop by the next day to finalize the cleaning necessary in your lease so you’ll get your security deposit back without any hassles. Giving yourself a cushion day before you must be out will limit your stress and ensure you have time to get all moving tasks done well.

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