Watch Out for These Common Apartment Community Rules

If you’ve found the perfect apartment for YOU within an apartment community, congratulations! Living in an apartment community provides some unique benefits, from building up a sense of belonging to fun amenities. While these amenities are great, they often come with a set of rules that you should be aware of. Check out these common apartment community rules so you aren’t surprised when speaking with your leasing office!

Common party areas may require rental fees. 

Many larger apartment complexes offer common areas, like a clubhouse or room in the leasing office, where tenants can host get-togethers or meetings. While these spaces are sometimes available free to tenants, they are often offered for a one-time rental fee. If this is the case, balance that fee with other rental fees in the area (like restaurants or parks) to make the best decision on where to host your party.

Pool is open only during certain seasons and used at own-risk. 

You may be blinded by the sparkling pool and hot tub, but they are generally not open year-round and apartment pools often do not have lifeguards on duty. Ask your leasing office about specific amenities, like the pool, so you understand its availability to you during the year.

Quiet hours for tenants. 

More rare, but still sometimes present, are quiet hours and noise requirements for tenants. Some apartments, especially in larger buildings, will have specific rules on when music and loud parties must end to be considerate of your neighbors. These rules can also help build good will between tenants in larger communities, since you’re less likely to annoy each other with loud noise.

“Resort”-style fees, like trash.

In large apartment buildings, valet trash and other “resort”-style fees may apply to your monthly rent to help streamline building operations. Ask about additional fees during your research process to understand what ‘amenities’ you end up paying for each month and which are optional.

Amenities must be kept clean. 

Perhaps obviously, most apartments will require you to keep amenities in clean, working order after using them. Amenities like grills, for instance, shouldn’t be left with dirty food or packaging. Remember, most apartment complexes will have security cameras throughout the building – including in commons spaces – so think twice before leaving anything dirtier than when you found it.

Specific requirements for guests. 

Guests can also have specific rules in apartment buildings, from things like where they should park their car to how long they can stay before being considered a tenant. Any rules that apply to you in your apartment also apply to them, don’t forget!

As always, use these tips as a guide when speaking with potential landlords or leasing agents to get the most out of your apartment experience – amenities and all!

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