4 Reasons You Should Be Thrift Store Shopping When Decorating Your First Apartment

If you’re looking to move into your first apartment or already have your move planned, you know that the experience, while exciting, can be costly. From the actual expense of moving to decorating your place, there’s a lot to budget for. That’s why you should give thrift store shopping some thought, especially when decorating and furnishing your new place.

While you may have thought that affordable retailers like Target and IKEA were the only places to go when it comes to decorating and furnishing your first apartment, think again!  Thrift stores can come through in a pinch (a penny pinch, if you will). If you’re willing to put in just a bit of work, then thrift store finds may save you some serious cash.

Why should you think about heading to the thrift store?

1. Unique Furnishings

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Thrift stores are particularly amazing for let your personality show in your new place. While you may not want to buy items that will be difficult to get thoroughly cleaned like couches or any sort of cushion, pieces such as nightstands, desks, lamps and tables can often be found at incredible prices. Plus, you’ll avoid having that IKEA-showroom vibe in your first apartment!

2. Fun DIY Projects

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If you’re already someone who loves a good DIY project, thrift store shopping may be for you. There are chairs that can be refurbished to fit your apartment, simple repairs to items that can be made, and all sorts of ways to get creative.

3. Show Off Your Creativity

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You may be worried that thrift store finds will look mismatched in your new place, but if you’re willing to put in some work, anything can look great. Whether it’s painting an old desk to become something new, replacing and covering a chair, or finding cool new items to use as wall decor, shopping at thrift stores lets you get creative.

4. Money Saver

The most well-known reason for thrift store shopping? Money. The discounts at thrift stores are next level, and they’ll be hard to beat at a traditional retailer. While you maybe shouldn’t get your mattress at Goodwill, basic furnishings are a go.

If you haven’t headed into your local thrift store to do some shopping for your first apartment, now is definitely the time to start.

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