8 Handy Organizers For Small Spaces

Moving into your first apartment can be a bit scary. From the often daunting cost of relocating to the exciting fact that you’ll be able to decorate your own space (even if it’s just a bedroom), there are all sorts of things to consider during your move. If you’re living in a small space, two of the biggest things you’ll want to think about are organization and storage. Thankfully, these 8 best organizers for small spaces are going to make your life so much easier and tidier.

Perhaps you’re not moving into a new place, at all. Maybe you’re simply ready to get a head start on spring cleaning, and that means organizing your overrun spaces. If you’re looking to get organized, maximize space, and be a little tidier, consider these 8 handy and affordable organizers for small spaces from the Container Store and Target.

Hanging Storage

6 Shelf Hanging Fabric Storage Organizer Light Gray, $17, Target

Getting items off your closet shelves is a great way to save space in an apartment. This hanging storage works perfectly on a closet rack and can store a ton of items from clothing to shoes.

Drawer Organizers

Black Expandable Drawer Organizer, $14.99, The Container Store

A definite way to lose space is to not organize your drawers. While everyone has a junk drawer, try to keep that habit to a minimum and maximize the amount of space you have using drawer organizers.

Over The Door Storage

ClosetMaid 8-Tier Over-the-Door Adjustable Wire Rack, $34.49, Target

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen that needs more space, consider storage and organizers that can hang on doors. These handy pieces free up space on your floor and can even be hidden if you like.

Storage Furniture

Charcoal Poppin Box Bench, $79.99, The Container Store

Dual purpose items are your friend in a small space. Furniture, like this bench, that features storage beneath it is the perfect way to use a single piece in multiple ways.

Creative Hangers

Axis Pant and Legging Organizer Hanger, $6.99, Target

Like hanging storage, creative hangers like this one from Target are great space savers. You can hang multiple items up on a single hanger freeing up closet space.

Vertical Organizers

Clybourn Tall 4-Cube Cubby, $179.99, The Container Store

Because you have limited space, vertical storage is your friend. Horizontal shelves that sit on the floor will just take up too much of your floor space. Grab vertical pieces like this one from the Container Store instead.

Bathroom Space Savers

Spacesaver Over the Toilet Etagere Brushed Nickel – Zenna Home, $30.99, Target

This gadget is actually called a space saver, so you know it’s good. Storage and organizers that can fit above existing furniture or fixtures like toilets or desks are perfect for saving you some serious space.

Under Sink Shelving

88 Main Expandable Under Sink Storage Rack Champagne, $24.99, Target

Whether it’s for your bathroom or kitchen, under the sink or even under the counter storage is a must. This two-shelf organizer would work great for keeping your toiletries in order, but it could also work to organize pots and pans in your kitchen.

While moving into a small space or sprucing one up may seem daunting, don’t worry. There are plenty of organizers to help you make the most of your place.

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