At-Home Self Care Habits to Start Now

Self care is all the rage today, from taking time to visit the spa to exercising, to taking naps when you need them. Taking care of yourself is critical to success and happiness, but it means something different to everyone. The great news? There are some wonderful ways to practice self care within the walls of your apartment. Check out these free or cheap and quick self care ideas and choose a few to try out this week!


  • Play music and┬átake a long shower (or bath if your tub is clean!) with essential oils
  • Take 20 minutes to stretch or follow an online yoga routine
  • Mini-mani: clean up your finger and toenails – clip and file!
  • Relax with a face mask and your favorite book
  • Go for a walk around your block or apartment complex


  • Light a candle (and don’t forget to blow it out!)
  • Buy a houseplant to put near your window
  • Try opening your blinds wider to let sunlight into your apartment
  • Purchase a new rug or lamp you love


  • Eliminate clutter from mail or counter-top items
  • Vacuum or mop your living space
  • Wash all of your bedding with fresh detergent
  • Wipe down countertops with a fresh-smelling disinfectant


  • Take an hour to organize a space you use frequently – remember, everything needs its own place
  • Finish any dishes left in the sink.
  • Choose a cabinet or space that feels cluttered, take everything out, and reorganize when you put things away

See?! Self care doesn’t have to be an expensive ritual, but instead, something that leaves you feeling productive and refreshed. Use that time also to leave your living space better than you found it… which will leave you feeling more relaxed too. Consider taking the time to give your apartment some care and reap the benefits for weeks to come!

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