New Habits To Improve Your Daily Apartment Life

New Year, New YOU! Well, even if you’re not reinventing yourself for 2019, the new year can be a great time to reset on habits to level-up your daily life. Don’t miss this motivating chance to pick up new habits (and drop some bad ones!) that also make your apartment a better place to be. Check out these top new year habits and jot down a few of your own! And, how to keep these habits in check? Make them specific! For each habit, we’ll give you some specific ideas to make it happen.

Live by the 2-minute rule

The concept? If you can get a task done in 2-minutes, do it right away! This could be things like doing dishes immediately after the meal is done, folding throw blankets when you get up to go to bed, or making your bed in the morning. These 2-minute tasks can pile up and lead to a lot of effort if you choose to wait and do them all at once – but they’re really no biggie! Plus, you get to benefit from a tidier space – a win/win.

Sample habit goals:

  • Leave no dirty dishes in the sink 6 of 7 nights each week
  • Make bed every morning
  • Wipe down kitchen counters 2 days each week

Pay bills on time

This is a habit that will literally pay you back! In your first apartment, there are plenty of different bills to pay each month, and it’s important to stay on top of them to avoid late fees and dings to your credit score. Take a few minutes to build a list of each payment due, when, and how much (Excel is a great tool for this list!). Refer to this list each month when you go to pay bills, or print a copy for your refrigerator so you’re consistently reminded!

* All costs are illustrative only.

Sample habit goals:

  • Pay rent and utilities on time 12 of 12 months
  • Schedule 15 minutes to review your bills and expenses each Saturday morning
  • Set up auto-pay for 2 payments

Be friendly with neighbors

When you’ve moved out or away from family and friends, meeting new people can be difficult! Consider taking the new year as an opportunity to get to know the people around you. Don’t count them out if they’re older or younger than you or if they have children or not, for instance. Great friends can be made in various scenarios!

Sample habit goals:

  • Wave or say hello when you pass a neighbor
  • Invite neighbors you’re friendly with to a party you’re hosting

Try something new

Take time to explore new hobbies that could bring you some joy in the new year! Maybe it’s a dedication to spend more time outside, pick up a new exercise routine like yoga, or try to start cooking more meals. Think about things you’ve always been interested in exploring… and go explore!

  • Plant 2 small potted plants (and keep them alive!)
  • Attend 3 yoga/Pilates/spin classes in the first quarter of 2019 – check your local YMCA for discounted classes too!
  • Cook 4 meals each week

Spend time with people you love

The new year is a great time to reflect on what’s truly important in your life – and friends and family tend to rise to the top! Make a commitment to yourself to spend more time with those people that mean so much to you… consider inviting them to hang in your apartment!

  • Host 2 dinner parties in the first 3 months of 2019
  • Spend three weekend days a month with friends or family
  • Plan at least one social activity each week

Save for your next place 

Finally, set a financial goal and habit for the start of the new year! Whether your first apartment is perfect (or not) – you will likely move eventually. Plan to save for the future in 2019!

  • Save every $5 bill you end up with in a jar for the year
  • Set a budget and schedule 15 minutes to review each month
  • Commit to cooking dinner at least 5 times a week to save money
  • Open a high-interest savings account

Quickly, these habits will become second-nature and you’ll be well on your way to an exciting and productive New Year. What other habits are top on your list? Leave them in the comments!

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