Monthly Cleaning Schedule That WORKS

We know, we know. At the top (er, close to the top) of your New Year’s Resolutions each year is to lead a cleaner or tidier lifestyle. And the place to start? Your apartment, of course! Not sure exactly how? That’s where we step in – with a cleaning schedule that can really WORK for you and your roommates.

The key to a successful cleaning schedule is recognizing how often each chore needs to be completed… and then reminding yourself to get it done on time! That way, cleaning your apartment doesn’t pile up on you. As you embark on your cleaner lifestyle, also consider doing small cleaning activities each day, so you don’t feel like you must waste an entire Saturday scrubbing your apartment from top to bottom. Trust me – that’s not the way to make a cleaning schedule last!

Check our comprehensive cleaning schedule below, which includes key areas of your apartment and chores to keep them sparkling. Now remember, the trick to a good schedule is understanding when to get each thing done, and that’s what the schedule below does! Do each chore each week that the box isn’t grayed out – then check it off your list! If the chore is grayed out for the week, feel free to skip it in favor of the other items.

Click the image to print and post to your refrigerator!

In our opinion, following this easy schedule will keep your apartment neat and tidy throughout the year. How about you? Any tips or tricks you’ve found to keep your apartment like new throughout the year? Let us know below!

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