Apartment Splurges for Your Tax Refund

Tax season is HERE, which for many can also mean Tax REFUND Season! Depending on how your income is set up, you may expect some of your tax money coming back to you in the coming months. Add that to any holiday cash you may have received, and it’s surely burning a hole in your pocket!

While saving or investing this money is always, always your smartest bet, there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a few small apartment splurges to improve your daily experience. Think of these new items as investments, too, and choose wisely!

Some ideas…

Looking for COZY?

Bedding by West Elm

Tiny upgrades can make your apartment feel more grown up and cozier at the same time. Consider items that will last a long time in styles that aren’t too trendy. If you’re going to splurge in linens, quality counts!

  • Coordinating bedding and sheet set
  • Throws and pillows
  • Mattress toppers


Table by Wayfair

Think about the furniture you’ve been missing since you’ve moved in. If you something doesn’t already come to mind, you likely shouldn’t splurge on it. But, take this chance to get a nightstand if it drives you crazy that you don’t have one.

  • TV stand
  • Coffee table / end tables
  • Nightstand
  • Headboard / footboard for your bed

Love to COOK?

Instant Pot by Williams Sonoma

Like linens, quality is king in the kitchen. Whether you love to cook already or are newly exploring the kitchen, high-quality items can last you for years.

  • Knife set
  • Pots / pans
  • Cutting boards
  • Bakeware

Hoping to HOST?

For the host or hostess in you, consider some coordinating serving ware or other small touches to upgrade your apartment get-togethers. Again, go with classic styles and look for bargains!

  • Serving ware
  • Place mats or table runners


Nest Thermostat by Amazon

Tech can be touchy in an apartment, but if you’re looking to splurge, find something that: #1 is allowed in your apartment (duh) and #2 you can easily take with you when you move to your next place!

  • Nest or smart thermostat
  • Roomba or automatic vacuum
  • Smart home device (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and smart sockets

Looking for EXPERIENCES?

Experiences can also be a great investment if you’re looking to upgrade your apartment lifestyle. Focus on a small experience or two that will help you feel more well-rounded as an individual – like seeing places you’ve never seen.

  • Day trip to local getaway
  • Tourist activities in your own city
  • Art classes


While you shouldn’t have to deny yourself a few key purchases with your tax return of extra cash, make a commitment to yourself to put the majority of it in your savings / investment account or use it to pay off debt. No upgrades feel as good as being debt-free or as building up a safety net or feeling prepared for your next move. Take the time to think wisely… then enjoy shopping!

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