5 Things To Buy For Your Apartment To Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is a tough thing to deal with, and I know from personal experience. The stress of apartment hunting, packing, and moving can add an additional weight to your shoulders. While this doesn’t replace actual medical advice, there are a few things you can buy for your apartment that may help with anxiety:

1. A Noise Machine

There’s nothing quite like falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I personally sleep with a fan on every night, but when I’m feeling especially anxious, I whip out my noise machine and it instantly helps me relax and drift off to dreamland.

There are also several apps that you can download instead of getting a separate noise machine, like my personal favorite  app “Calm”.

2. A Salt Rock Lamp

Salt rock lamps are said to release negative ions into the air, which can help with anxiety among other things. I have one in my bedroom and although I don’t know the exact science behind it, I know it does make me feel calm and relaxed when I use it.

3. A Weighted Blanket

I don’t personally have a weighted blanket, but I have friends who swear by them to help get a good nights rest and reduce anxiety. Weighted blankets use pressure to make you feel relaxed, safe and secure.

4. Essential Oils

I know essential oils aren’t for everyone, but they’ve helped me greatly reduce anxiety and improve my mood over the last couple of years. I personally diffuse oils as opposed to applying them topically, however many people choose to use them both ways.  Make sure to always do your research and follow the guidelines of use before trying them.

5. Books & Puzzles

Anything that helps you slow down and zone out for a while is a good thing. Many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of school and life, and rarely take time to slow down. Put your phone on airplane mode for a while and relax with a good book, some journaling, or a big jigsaw puzzle.

Do you have any of these items in your apartment? Let us know what helps you with anxiety in the comments below!

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