Make It a Frugal February – 6 Tips to Recover After Holiday Splurges!

If the holidays wrecked your budget, it’s time to catch up. Are you among the 57% of Americans who don’t have enough cash to pay a surprise $500 bill? Here are some of our best frugal living tips that will get your Frugal February started.

Check your January bank and credit card statements

Go through every charge and decide if you could live without that item for a month. We are talking music streaming, satellite radio in your car, gym that you rarely visit, subscriptions to beauty boxes, Netflix, Hulu, etc., really any services that you can live without for a month. (If you are lucky, after the month you might realize that you can cut the service off for good!) Just make sure you are not under contract before you cancel or suspend. More cord cutting tips  here.

Use what you have in your fridge and pantry

Organize your fridge and pantry and start using anything that is about to hit its expiry date.  You may be able to skip one weekly grocery run and the internet is full of recipes like these that helps you use up your pantry staples.

Price compare your cable and internet services

Many cable companies have been upgrading to 5G service and are offering good deals to new customers. If you are out of contract with your service, give all the competing services a call. Even if you end up staying with your current provider, they may price match or at least lower your bill.

Ask for lower credit card interest rate

If you carry a balance and have good credit, call your card company and ask for a lower rate. You have nothing to lose and nice savings to gain.

Watch out for Valentine’s Day!

A big splurge day is coming in on the 14th, with roses and gifts and fancy dinners out. Agree with your SO to go easy this year and use these 5 tips to plan for Valentine’s that will not break your bank.

Make it a month of Saturday nights at home

If your routine includes Saturday nights out with friends, it’s easy to spend $50 or more on food and drinks. That’s $200 over four weekends. See if you can’t convince your friends to take turns hosting simple, inexpensive dinner parties for the month. The Italians have a fancy name for those, Spaghettata. You make a big pot of pasta with a simple sauce, salad, bread and wine, add good conversation and it’s a party. Maybe end the evening with a Netflix movie or board games and count your savings.

What are your best money saving tips. Please share in the comments.

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