Which TV Subscription Service Should You Pick?

When it comes to cutting the cord, there’s a lot to think about. Is it really cheaper (yes, it is)? Will I miss cable TV? Which TV subscription service should I use? Thankfully, there’s a way to decide that last question. With so many TV subscription services out there, you may be lost in a fog about which one to choose, but there are certain things to take into account when picked. What TV subscription service is right for you? Let’s look at the things you should consider.


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While most subscription services come at affordable monthly prices, if you sign up for several you can easily pay several hundred dollars a year. The major services such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix all fall within a relatively close price point. Amazon Prime will cost you $8.99 per month while Netflix can be between $7.99-$13.99 depending on your needs. As for Hulu, currently, they’re offering a promotion for $5.99 per month for a year, but typically, the price is $7.99. While these seem like low prices, think of all the things you’re paying for at a low cost (like fast food, knick-knacks, drinks, etc.) They  can add up quickly.


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When choosing a TV subscription service, you should be thinking about what you watch most often. Do you currently have cable and are worried about missing your favorite shows? Hulu, with its streaming of current television shows may be for you. Do you love original content? Amazon and Netflix are the kings when it comes to this. Do you love shows like Game of Thrones, Outlander, or others? Think about services, such as Hulu and Amazon, that provide add-ons of channels like HBO and Starz. See, there’s more to consider than you thought, right?


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Your watching habits may not be the only ones that matter. Think about how you plan to use your TV subscription service. Do you have a roommate? Will you be splitting the cost and sharing the services? If so, you may need a higher tier of subscriptions like Netflix that allow streaming on multiple screens at once. Also, think about what your friends watch when choosing your services – you want to be part of the conversation about the plot twists in the latest hit shows.

While you could simply use all three of the major TV subscription services – Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix – it makes much more sense to narrow it down to what you love to watch and what you can afford. Before you sign up, don’t just think about the small monthly payments, consider the annual expense you are taking on. Those little payments can add up hundreds of dollars or even more.

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