Refresh Your Apartment for 2019

January is the perfect time to take a few steps to refresh your apartment so you enter the new year feeling relaxed and ready to smash all your goals. Start with doing these few things to get ready for 2019!

Deep Clean

They say spring is the time for a major clean, but I believe in a good deep clean every few months, and the start of the year is a perfect time for a refresh. Do your basics – vacuuming, wiping down counters, sweeping… and then take it to the next level by mopping, vacuuming sofas and under the beds, dusting (everywhere), cleaning out your fridge, and all those hard-to-reach places. Not only will your place start looking fresh, it’ll smell fresh too. Plus, as a bonus, you eliminate many of the indoor allergens that can make you sniffle all winter long.


Next, take to your closet! With the holiday season over, now is the perfect time to review the clothes you thought you’d wear, but really should donate. Consider selling gently used items and donate the rest! You may be helping someone in need or making some money, but you are definitely finding much-needed space in your closet. Take time to pull everything out and reorganize, too! You’ll feel much better once it’s done!


Take a hard look around your apartment and pretend you are a guest seeing the place for the first time. You’ll notice “things!” If you’re anything like me, there are “things” everywhere – appliances on kitchen counters, trinkets, blankets – everywhere! Pick up anything you see that you don’t LOVE, and add it to your donation pile. This will help your apartment feel cleaner and larger for the new year.

Also, go through your junk drawers, piles of mail and magazines (we all have them),  or cabinets you shove things into. Reorganizing will bring you some much needed peace of mind!


Finally, use this opportunity to put everything washable through the washing machine! Sheets, mattress pads, pillows, bedspreads, towels… make sure you’re starting the new year fresh and clean. Turn on your headphones, strip the bed, and spend an afternoon watching TV and flipping your laundry!

Following these quick tips are sure to leave your apartment in great shape for the new year. Anything we missed? What are your must-do’s for a fresh and clean place?

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