Themed Party Ideas for Apartment Entertaining

Ready to up your party game? A themed party may be just the thing! Hosting friends and family in your first place can be a blast – and adding a theme makes it all the more fun! Themed parties give an “occasion” to an otherwise average Friday or Saturday… and it’s true, everyone loves a good theme!

Check out these Themed Party Ideas and host your own!


A classic party centered around a big football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer (etc.) game gives your guests something fun to do (watch!) while they’re at your apartment. Super Bowl is couple of weeks away, just enough time to pull together a great party.


You can’t go wrong with a good decade’s theme! Choose one from the below (or your own personal favorite decade!) and let your friends know that they should come dressed to impress in decade-themed costumes! Be sure to choose a decade that’s popular for dress-up so guests have an easy time finding costumes.


Can you say “Great Gatsby”? Many of your friends may already have flapper attire ready to go from Halloween’s past. Class up your apartment and play 20’s music throughout the night!


Poodle skirts, Pink Ladies, greasers… the sky is the limit for fun costumes for a 50’s party. Decorate your apartment like a drive-in movie and put an old film on in the background!


Host a disco club in your apartment! Put together a big Studio 54 sign using poster board and find your best sequin outfit to fit right in.


Think about your apartment as an 80’s gym! Big hair, scrunchies, leggings… encourage your guests to go all-out with their outfits! Play 80’s workout videos in the background or lead your friends through a quick routine.

90’s & 00’s

Of course, can’t forget the later decades! Think back to your favorite memories growing up and choose one to theme around!

Gift Exchanges

Gift exchanges don’t have to be contained to the winter months! These party ideas are a fun way to get creative and add activities to your party.

Goodwill Party

Each guest brings a small gift from Goodwill or a local thrift store! Set a price limit for purchases and have guests bring their receipt as their “ticket” to enter your apartment! Host an exchange white-elephant style for a big hit.

5 Favorite Things

Each guest brings 5 of their favorite things – whether it’s five small candles or face masks, lip balm, planters… all with a price limit. Then, guests take turns selecting one item at a time until each guest has an assortment of 5 of their friends’ favorite things to take home!


There are dozens of holidays throughout the year that are PERFECT for a themed party. Check out the list below and choose your favorite holiday to host! Give your friends plenty of heads up so they know not to make other plans on these dates!

Valentine’s Day or Gal-entine’s Day (February)

Host a formal dinner with your S.O. and your couple friends, or host a girls night!

St. Patrick’s Day (March)

Be sure all your guests wear green! Consider serving up traditional Irish fare for snacks.

Cinco de Mayo (May)

No dressing up here, but you can honor Mexico’s big celebration with traditional food and music!

Memorial Day (May)

Pay tribute to American military by cherishing time with friends and family. Bring out those flags!

4th of July (July)

Go all out with red, white, and blue in your apartment! Take advantage of any outdoor space you might have, too.

Labor Day (September)

Enjoy any outdoor space you have or open your windows to enjoy fresh fall air!

Halloween (October) 

Spooky or sweet, decorate your place with pumpkins and host a costume contest!

Winter Holidays (November / December)

Whatever you celebrate in the winter, host your family and friends to celebrate along with you!

New Year’s Eve / Day (December / January)

Count down to the New Year with your favorite people at your side.

Remember, be sensitive when picking a theme for your party and always have FUN with it!! With a themed party in particular, consider sending printed or virtual invitations to encourage your guests to get in the spirit of your theme, and be clear on if they should dress up and what they can bring!

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