6 Things You Need For The Perfect New Year’s Eve Party

The holiday season is in full swing, and while your family holiday parties may be coming to a close soon, one festive occasion is still on the horizon: New Year’s Eve. Fireworks, sparklers, glitter, and kissing all await, but what do you need for the perfect New Year’s Eve party? As usual, we here at My First Apartment have you covered.

Whether you’re hosting a major blow out or just a casual get-together with friends, these 6 thing will help make sure that your New Year’s Eve party will be the one your friends will long remember.


Happy New Year Decorations, $28.89, Amazon

It doesn’t matter what kind of New Year’s Eve party you’re throwing, you need decorations. Whether it’s banners, paper lanterns, or tinsel strewn about your apartment, a festive home is a fun home.

Champagne + Champagne Flutes

Plastic Champagne Flutes For Parties, $12.50, Amazon

A midnight toast is basically required, so make sure you’ve got champagne and a non-alcoholic cider on hand for your sober friends. Also, these plastic champagne flutes will save you so many unfortunate accidents where glass could be involved.

Portable Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot, $29.99, Amazon

No party is complete without music. Speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot sync up to the music on your phone and make sure the party never stops.

Small Bites

Target Spinach Artichoke Feta Dip, Target

While you can choose to make some fancy small bites for your guests during your New Year’s Eve party or pick up some pre-made items, either way you need food, especially if you’ll be imbibing. Do you need a full meal? No, but everyone loves a good dip or a few pigs in a blanket, right?


Unique 8 count Sparklers, $3.49, Party City

Sparklers are a New Year’s Eve must, but there are some rules here. First, head outside to use them. Repeat: do not light them inside unless you want the fire department to show up. Second, check your local law regarding their use. If you’re clear to light them outside where you live, get ready for some fabulous NYE party pics.


Who’s Most Likely To…,$15.99, Target

You’re probably incredibly entertaining, but sometimes, you just need a little bit more for a party. That’s where fun party games come in. These can take whatever turn you’d like. Whether you prefer something classic or maybe a bit on the naughty side, it’s your party, so do what you love.

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, it’s time to start planning. These 6 items are the perfect place to start.

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