Confused about Holiday Tipping? Start with Your Super!

Tipping is commonplace, from your restaurant server to your hairstylist and beyond, for providing services that you appreciate. At the holidays, tipping is a familiar way to show extra appreciation for those people that service you every day! But when it comes to holiday tipping in your first apartment, who is who and how much is too much?!

Whom to tip?

Start with the people who help you most during the year. In most cases that person is your building’s super. He is usually the one to help when the sink overflows or when you need to hang up new window shades. (Tipping your super as you move in is also a smart move to get a good relationship going from the start!) Customarily, you are also expected to tip your doormen.

If you have the means, tipping is always appreciated and shows the gratitude you have to the building’s staff for taking good care of your apartment throughout the year. Reflect on times you have received stellar service from staff members you know personally and who make your apartment experience great. If a few people come to mind right away, consider leaving them tips as thanks!

How to tip

To deliver the tips, try to hand them in person if possible so you have the chance to say “Thank you!” If not, leave named envelopes with your landlord or front office to distribute – they should have a process in place! If you’re hesitant to leave cash, consider writing individual checks.

How much?

If you’re tipping in cash, tip amount can vary by roles (ranging from $20-$100+). More expensive apartments should have a slightly higher tip for each service person. Don’t ever stretch your budget too far to tip, though!

Non-cash gratitude

Strapped on cash for holiday tipping this season? You are not alone. There are other ways to display gratitude than cold hard cash. Consider baking a big batch of cookies or holiday treats to distribute with a handwritten note of thanks, or swing by a big-box for candles or small gifts that could bring a smile to their faces. Coffee shop gift cards in small increments are also a great choice!

And of course, if you don’t have many positive experiences with your apartment staff, tipping can be a nice way to get back in their good graces!

Tipping doesn’t have to be a stressful part of your holiday season! Now it’s your turn to weigh in – are you planning to tip your building’s staff this holiday season?


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