Stress-Free Holiday Party Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re in your first apartment, you may want to throw your first holiday party! Hosting friends and family in your own place can be the highlight of your holiday season. Not sure where to start with a fun holiday party? Check out these ideas and make them your own!

Holiday Bake-Off

This is a fun (and easy!) way to entertain a crowd – a bake-off! Invite your friends and family to come to your apartment with their favorite holiday treat – homemade or store bought one afternoon. Assign a few judges to taste test each treat or have the whole group vote on a winner!

Don’t forget to provide beverages and plates and napkins… and a little prize or silly trophy for your winner! If you’re not planning to serve a full meal, choose a time that makes sense (like 2pm or 4pm) – and you can choose to go out or order pizza afterwards!

Dinner Party

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, a dinner holiday party may be just the thing! Check out this post for more details on how to host a successful dinner party with friends, and remember to ask your guests to contribute dishes, drinks, and disposable flatware!

For the holidays, consider printing out name cards or purchasing festive paper products for the occasion.

Gift Exchange

A classic holiday party is a Gift Exchange! Host with your spin on White Elephant or grab bags, but have each guest bring a gift of equal value. $5 or $10 is usually great… although the funnest gift exchange I’ve participated in required guests to not spend money at all and instead bring something little from their house!

If you have a more intimate group of friends, consider using something like a Secret Santa, where each guest brings a personal gift for one other.

Holiday Game Night

Nothing says fun like a game night! Pick out your favorites (in our group, Catch Phrase, Cards Against Humanity, Quiplash, and Bananagrams are popular!) and encourage friends to bring their competitive spirit. While this may not be as traditionally festive, the holidays are all about spending quality time together!

Similar to the dinner party, ask guests to bring an appetizer or drink to share so they don’t go hungry throughout the day! Set up your kitchen and bar area or even a folding table with a festive (dollar store!) tablecloth, turn on holiday music or a movie, and you’re ready to host a FUN and stress-free holiday party!


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