Apartment Safety During Holiday Travel

Leaving your apartment for the holidays can be exciting as you head to visit family or friends or head out to travel the world. The last of your worries during the holiday season should be the safety of your apartment and the belongings inside. Check out these quick safety tips before you head out for the holidays!

Lock all doors and windows

Obviously… take a few minutes to check your doors and windows to ensure they are all locked, no matter which floor you live on. Double check any patio doors or windows close to ground level!

Unplug where possible

To minimize any fire hazards, unplug wherever possible – bigger things like your television and lamps can also help you save energy while saving yourself peace of mind! If you decorated for the holidays with flammable materials, this is especially important!

Close blinds

Turn your blinds or curtains closed before leaving. Again, this should help with your heating bill while making it less clear that you aren’t home for the week or weekend. Additionally, all your fun stuff is no longer on display for the neighborhood!

Leave outdoor lights on

If you have a porch or patio, or even a light outside your front door, consider leaving it on for the duration of your trip. This is not an energy saver, but may deter any funny business while you are away.

Arrange for mail and package delivery

For the safety of your mailed items and to not alert strangers that you aren’t home, arrange for your mail or packages to be picked up or delay their delivery. If you have a leasing office, ensure you can leave packages there for a few days and check your mailbox one last time before heading out to avoid overflow.

Alert a trusted neighbor

Finally, if you have a neighbor you know well and trust, let them know you’ll be out of town for the holidays and that they should not expect anyone coming or going from your apartment in that time. That way, if anything suspicious does occur, they may be able to help contact authorities on your behalf.

Taking these few steps as you are preparing to leave for the holidays is not difficult – but could be very worthwhile! Complete this quick checklist before heading out to ensure apartment safety while you’re away.

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  1. Avatar RAHUL KUMAR

    The safety of your apartment when you are on a holiday is a great concern. You need to be very careful when you are on holiday. Here are some tips you need to follow for the safety of your apartment when you are on holiday.
    1. Make sure you locked all the windows and gates.
    2. unplug all the switches where it is need
    3. switch off all the lights and fan of your house or apartment
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    • Sarah Sarah

      It definitely happens! While you’re packing for your next trip, put a sticky note on the inside of your front door to remind you to do a quick walk-through to turn off lights. That trick always works for me!