10 Simple DIY Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Here’s another oldie but goodie, updated from our archives — Audra’s take on simple DIY Christmas trees. (OK, the last one is by Martha Stewart, so it’s a little more elaborate.)

The first holiday season I ever spent in my very own apartment, I went a little crazy. I was absolutely convinced that I had to deck every hall (wall, doorway, etc., etc.), make ALL the ornaments for my way-too-big-for-my-tiny-apartment fake tree (I’m sadly allergic to the oh-so-pretty real trees), buy every useless decoration I saw, bake cookies on the regular, send Christmas cards to all my family members (even those I would see on Christmas day) and so on. As I said, I went a bit bonkers. And guess what? It cost me a fortune.

But this isn’t a sad story to sap you of your holiday cheer, it’s a reminder that you don’t have to go big — or broke — to have a fabulous Christmas in your first apartment. And, you know what else I learned through my rendezvous with holiday-inspired madness? Real of fake traditional Christmas trees are expensive, expensive, expensive and they take up a whole lotta space; space that you probably don’t have to spare in your first apartment. This year, I’m skipping a traditional tree altogether. Hey, I’ve mellowed in my old-er age. That, and I’m just too lazy to drag the tree out of storage this year.

Instead, my boyfriend and I are going alternative and getting in touch with our resourceful, creative, and, well, cheap, sides and creating a wall tree with my vast collection of scrapbooking materials. If you’re looking for a way to save, but still enjoy some Christmas-time goodness, check out these 10 alternative Christmas tree ideas I’ve collected from around the web — their great for small spaces, and they’re easy and budget-friendly, too!

If you find a design you want to recreate, click the source link for instructions and details.

1. Driftwood Christmas Tree

via  homestolove.com

2. Washi Tape TreeWashi-0-Main-645x429

via Brit + Co

3. Lights Only Tree74085dc1df2fb8da2ea3d2ce864a9ff7

via Domino

4. Paper Poster Tree


via Wedding Chicks

5. Tiny Tin Can Tree


via Babble Dabble Do

6. Books A Plenty Tree


via Family Sponge

7. Cardboard Cutout Tree


via Instructables


8. Bare Branches Tree


via Hege in France


9. Sparkle & Shine Tree


via Ann Street Studio

10. Pretty Pipe Treemarcie-tree-001x-md110644_vert


Happy decorating!

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