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Buying even small appliances can be expensive and overwhelming. When every current appliance on the market seems to come with an HD TV, wifi, and other extra bells and whistles, it can be tough to choose, especially when moving into a new apartment. While you might feel that you have to either buy brand-new or take your grandma’s old toaster, there’s an in-between area that can help you find quality appliances within your budget. Here are some tips that will help you pick the perfect appliances for your apartment while you’re on a budget.

Scratch n’ Dent

Often, brick and mortar appliance stores, as well as some online retailers, will place discounts up to 40% on home appliances because they were damaged during production or shipping. These discounts can be as small as a tiny scratch on the front of a stainless steel fridge. These aesthetic flaws of appliances can mean a huge steal for you on some really nice appliances! However, before purchasing any appliances from a scratch n’ dent section of a store of a website, inquire with a salesperson to make sure the appliance still functions properly and it hasn’t been discounted due to a functionality issue.

Price Match

Stores such as Walmart and Best Buy will price match appliances if you can provide proof that the identical washer-and-dryer set you saw on Amazon was advertised for a lower price. If you plan on price matching an appliance in-store, make sure to remember and bring proof (flyer, printout of the offer, link or a screenshot) of the lower priced item, as not so shockingly, most stores will not be inclined to just “take your word for it” when you tell them you saw the product for $100 less online.


For some small appliances, like microwaves, toasters, and blenders, buying from a thrift store can be much cheaper but provide the same quality as buying from a larger retailer. But again, it’s always important to ask if the appliance works properly before purchasing! But hey, as long as the toaster does it’s job and toasts the dang bread, it doesn’t need any of the extra fluff, like wifi or a Bluetooth speaker. Plus, you can find some rad sets of vintage chinaware and dining sets at many thrift shops — plus an ugly sweater or two (hello Christmas parties!). 

Buy Energy Efficient

Yes, energy efficient appliances are more expensive…in the short term. But in the long term, can actually save you a lot of money! On average, energy-efficient large appliances can save you over $100 per year! Yes, they will be more costly up front but that’s because they’re an investment and appliances that you will be able to use and save money with for years to come. Energy efficient appliances are marked by the Energy Star logo. It’s also important to note that by purchasing an energy efficient appliance, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy. 

I think we can all agree that appliances are a pretty necessary thing to have in an apartment, and finding the most cost-effective appliance options for your lifestyle is possible, even on a small budget. As long as the appliances do what they’re built to do, the latest extra features most likely aren’t necessary, especially when you are on a budget. Shop around, do your research, and find some great appliances for your new home!

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