Double-Duty Decor

Without a massive budget for decorating, your decor should do double-duty… meaning having more than one use! Instead of spending money on items that only serve a single purpose, consider some of these double-duty decor hacks in your first place!

Key hanger / entry table

Wayfair $37.99

What’s the first thing you want to do when you walk into your apartment?! Drop your stuff! Check out the layout of your place and determine some decor that makes sense. Maybe it’s a cute key hanger, like this one from Wayfair, next to your door so you can keep an eye on your keys all the time or a little table for the entryway where you can plop your keys and briefcase after a long day, or a small coat-hanger mounted to your wall where you can hang everything within reach! This decor can be so functional while also adding some personality to your space.

Functional ottoman 

If you’re anything like me, sitting on the sofa pretty much requires me to stretch out your legs and relax. When shopping for an ‘ottoman,’ find one that does double-duty! Consider a coffee table that you can use to rest your feet or a softer ottoman with built-in storage for throw blankets, pillows, games or DVDs. There are plenty of thoughtfully designed ottoman out there, like this one from Target … go find one you love!

TV stand 

Your TV stand, like this one from Walmart, is a great place to get decor to work for you. When shopping, look for stands that have doors (so you can hide clutter!) and multiple shelves for your belongings. We use our TV stand for books, movies, games, and throw blankets (sometimes)… then close the doors so it still looks neat and tidy!

Storage bed-frame

Everyone needs a bed… right?! When you’re shopping around for a bed frame, look for one that provides a little storage! Many frames, like this one from Wayfair, come with drawers under the bed so you can store extra clothes or shoes (or whatever else!). Depending on your budget, you can also just use a metal bed frame to lift your mattress from the floor and offer you some under-the-bed storage space of your own.


If you have a bar area or island in your apartment, add a few bar stools! These will be great for you to snack on breakfast at the counter, and also serve as additional seating when you have friends or family over to your place. Lightweight stools, like this one from Wayfair, are best so you can easily move them around your apartment when guests arrive!

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