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In the market for a new rug? You’re in luck! Apartment carpet can be dingy at best (and stinky at worst!) and nothing brightens your space like a colorful, new (clean) rug. Plus, if you take great care of them, they can last you well into your next few apartments. Check out our favorite places to find affordable rugs perfect for your first place.


Wayfair – Brandt Tibetan Blue Area Rug

Wayfair is my #1 choice because I have loved the rug I purchased from here and almost every time I compliment friend’s rug, she says “Thanks, it’s from Wayfair!” They have thousands of options and you can filter down to the size and color options you’re looking for. Be sure to filter on price, because while they do have tons of affordable options, they also carry higher-end (aka costly!) rugs too.

Pro Tip: Find your rug and then wait for a sale! Rugs go on sale every couple of weeks and they generally have bigger sales at the turn of each season.

Target & Walmart

Walmart- Orian Rugs Bedouin Desert Trellis Area Rug

Target is a great place for affordable, on-trend designs and rugs are no exception. Walmart is no different, as they have seemed to make a big effort to upscale their merchandise in the last few years. Big box stores can be a great place to find rugs at prices that make your wallet happy!

Remember that you may sacrifice quality on these (you get what you pay for!) but they can have great options for apartments that don’t break the bank. These stores will get you rugs for cheaper than Wayfair, but quality may suffer slightly if you’re looking for a long-term rug.

These stores are also great if you’re looking for smaller, trendy rugs! You can upgrade your space without paying much… and then not feel bad for buying a new rug when trends change.

Pro tip: Peruse your local store but check out options online, where they carry more variety!


Overstock – Safavieh Natural Fiber Seagrass Rug

Similar to Wayfair, provides a wide variety of rugs at a range of prices. Filter down to your requirements (price, size, color) to narrow the search then have fun ‘window shopping’ online!

There are fewer sales on Overstock, but with items heavily discounted already, it may not make much of a difference. If you’re in a hurry for a rug at a great price, this is a great option.

Pro tip: Check out reviews on each rug and find real-life pictures wherever possible!

Local Shops

Of course, don’t discredit your local stores, especially when they are hosting sales. I personally love HomeGoods (can be hit or miss), but don’t forget about your local rug shops where they may be willing to negotiate with you in person.

Pro tip: Remember, if you order online, take a minute to think about how you can get it through your front door! They will come rolled up in a big box, so check with your management company on their best practices for receiving such an item.

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