7 Apartment Essentials Every Renter Needs To Own

Moving in to your first apartment can be stressful. From figuring out your budget to decorating your new place, there’s a lot happening all at once. Sure, we all know we need furniture and food, but what else is there? Having these 7 apartment essentials, though, will definitely take a few stressors off your plate. No matter where you live, there are some basics that we all need when moving to our first apartment.

Get ready to start your  shopping list because you’ll want to grab these apartment essentials as soon as possible to make your transition to your apartment as smooth as comfortable as possible. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

1. Quality Kitchenware

Maybe you’re not the next Julia Child, but when it comes to your apartment, you can totally save on cash by cooking your own meals. That’s why it’s important to have quality cookware that you can depend on. From a stock pot to a simple saute pan, make sure you’re set to make those Pinterest-found dinners.

2. Toolkit

Sometimes, your landlord or maintenance team just can’t make it your apartment in time if something breaks. That’s why a basic toolkit is a definite apartment essential. You don’t need any sort of power tool, so don’t worry. Just grab a simple kit with things like a hammer, phillips and flat head screwdrivers, and a wrench, and you should be good to go.

3. Storage

Whether it’s clothing, books, or something else, most people have a lot of personal belonging. That makes storage one of the most important apartment essentials. Whether you need to organize your things to maximize space in a small apartment, or you really do just have a ton of stuff you need to tuck away, quality storage is key.

4. Lighting

Lighting may not seem like an essential at the moment, but trust me, it is. Sure, your apartment probably has overhead lighting built in, but harsh lights certainly don’t make for a comfortable home. When you’re sitting on your couch with a book or watching the latest show on Netflix, you don’t want to have that bright (possible fluorescent) beaming down on you. A few lamps will personalize your place and give it a more home-like feel.

5. First Aid Kit

Cut yourself slicing veggies? Have a massive headache you just can’t shake? Need an antiseptic? First aid kits may not be the first thing you think of when getting ready to move, but they’re so essential. Just think about all the times you’ve scraped, bruised, or otherwise injured yourself on accident.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Maybe you’re messy. That’s fine. However, no apartment essentials list would be complete without basic cleaning tools and supplies. You’ll need to grab items like a mop (or Swiffer) if you’ve got tile or wood floors, a vacuum for carpets, and classic cleaners for the surfaces in your apartment.

7. Decor

You don’t have to have art on your walls, and you don’t have to have throw pillows, but you should. If you’re thinking that you just want the bare bones of an apartment, keep in mind that decor is what makes your place feel like home and gives it a personal touch. While not a true necessity, I’d argue decor is an essential.

If you’ve been stressed out about your big move, keep these 7 apartment essentials in mind, and you’ll be relaxing in your new place in no time.


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