7 Ways To Furnish Your Apartment On Budget

So, you’ve moved into your first apartment, but it’s looking a bit bare. Between rent, moving costs, and utilities, the expenses associated with getting an apartment might leave little for your furnishings fund. Just relax, you don’t have to get your place completely furnished right away. Here are 7 ways to furnish your apartment when you have more time than money.

1. Spend The Most On What You’ll Use The Most

You’ll want to spend the majority of your budget on furniture that you’ll use the most. For example, having a mattress is more important than end tables. Make a list of everything you need and prioritize items based on your needs. Remember that unlike a bed, many items can be bought second hand, and don’t need to take up a huge portion of your budget. 

2. Keep Track of Seasonal Sales

Mark on your calendar when stores traditionally have big sales. Right now, Black Friday is coming, and it’s a great time to find furniture and appliance deals. The fliers start to leak out about a month beforehand, so it’s the perfect time to round up your roommates and friends and make a Black Friday game plan. For larger items, try to borrow a friend’s or family member’s truck to save on delivery fees. 

3. Talk To Local Makers

Scope out local markets and buy and sell sites for woodworkers and small businesses. We were able to have our kitchen table and bench made for about half of what it would have been at a furniture store. 

4. Shop Thrift Stores

One man’s trash is another man’s new dresser. Thrift stores are full of treasures waiting to be given new life. New stain or paint can change the look of any piece of furniture, and you’ll be spending a fraction of the price than you would buying new. Just be careful with any upholstered furniture that could hide bugs and stick to things you can thoroughly scrub and disinfect before you bring them home.

5. Look for Display Models or Damaged Goods

Most furniture stores will sell display models or damaged pieces of furniture for a discounted rate. The damages are typically minor, like slight scratches or dents, but will get you a pretty decent discount. 

6. Scout Buy And Sell Sites

Facebook buy and sell groups, or Craig’s List are both great places to get second hand furniture for great prices. This is a great place to look for items such as desks, TV stands, end tables, coffee tables, etc.

7. Shop Around

Finally, just because your budget is tight don’t ignore discount chains like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s that offer great quality items for less than other similar department stores. And, before your place is done, you’ll probably also stop by the go-to for first apartments, IKEA.

Furnishing an entire apartment on $1000 is definitely possible, and you may even have a little left over for pizza after. Comment below and let us know how you furnished your apartment on a budget!

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  1. Avatar Raychel H.

    I chose all my furniture through Furnishr so I didn’t have to go to a big warehouse or some old thrift shop. I got brand new furniture delivered while saving money and sweat!