6 Organization Tips For Your Apartment Sized Fridge

So, you’ve figured out your grocery budget and made your list, but one look at the inside of your small apartment sized fridge makes you wonder how you’re going to store everything. Here are 6 organization tips to help you create functional fridge space!

Start With Shelf Liners

This is less of an organization tip and more of a cleaning hack. No-one likes scrubbing out a fridge,  and putting down shelf liners like these from Amazon will make for easy clean up of any spills or crumbs that are going to occur. 

Buy Clear Baskets With A Handle

Clear baskets are perfect for organizing food because it allows you to see the contents quickly without digging through them, and finding baskets with some kind of handle will make it easier to lift out of the fridge for refilling and rearranging. 

Use A Lazy Susan 

It may seem like a lazy Susan will take up a lot of space, but they are actually really handy for small cupboards and fridges. Having a lazy Susan on the top shelf will allow you to easily rotate items and access everything. We all have some items that get forgotten at the back of the fridge and go bad before we can eat them, so being able to rotate items will prevent food from being wasted. 

Make Use Of Vertical Space

There are a lot of nice fridge organization systems with stacking bins and drawers that will help you make use of all that vertical space in your fridge. If you’re on a budget, check out your local dollar store for a small plastic chest with drawers to hold small snacks, condiment packs, etc. 

Unbox Things

A really good tip for maximizing fridge space is to unbox anything that can be unboxed, and organize items with your baskets instead. Packages and boxes take up a lot of unnecessary room, and add to fridge clutter. 

Don’t Forget The Freezer!

The freezer can also benefit from some organization! Meat, fruit and pre-made meals can be stored in freezer bags, and baskets can be used to separate things. Most frozen foods come in boxes, and can be unboxed to save on space (just don’t forget to write down any cooking instructions first!)

Comment your favorite fridge organization tips below!

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