How To Winterize Your Apartment To Save On Heating Bills

Summer just ended, and if you’re anything like me you may still have your air conditioner in the window, waiting for that last leaf to fall before taking it out. Winter will be here before we know it, and so will that first winter electric bill. There are a few things you can do to save money on heating bills this fall and winter.

Seal The Windows

If you live in an older house or apartment building, older windows can cause heat to escape and cool drafts to make their way in. Check with your landlord to see if he’s able to provide weather stripping, sealant, or window insulation, or if he will allow you to do it on your own. 

Hang Heavy Curtains

Quilted curtains, or any curtains that are a bit heavier will provide an extra layer of insulation to keep cool air out and warm air in. In the daytime, open the curtains to allow the sun to heat the house, and close them at night to keep the heat in. 

Add Cozy Area Rugs

Area rugs aren’t just a decor statement, they’re also great for keeping warm. Having cozy floors will allow you to keep your heat turned down without worrying about cold feet. You can also opt to lay runners in the most walked on places, such as beside your bed, hallways, and in the kitchen. 

Keep The Heat Down, But Don’t Turn It Off

Keeping the heat on a minimal level will keep the pipes from freezing, so you don’t want to turn it completely off, however it can be turned down. I personally started turning the heat way down every time I leave the house for a significant amount of time, and our power bill is lower than it’s ever been.

Invest In Warm Bedding

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Fleece and flannel sheets with a big duvet will keep you warm enough at night that you can keep the apartment a bit cooler. Keep warm throw blankets on your couch, desk chair, etc., to stay warm and cozy all season long. 

Heat Only The Areas That You Spend Time In

If you live in a house with roommates, ask them if they mind you turning their heat down when they’re going to be gone for more than a day. If your apartment has a spare room or office that isn’t used regularly, there’s no reason to keep the heat up. 

Layer Up

It’s called sweater weather for a reason! Dressing in cozy layers will keep you warm all season long without driving up your power bill. 

Don’t Forget To Check Your Registers!

Make sure to move any furniture blocking the heaters, to allow the heat to fully warm the room, and also to prevent fires. Rearranging the room to allow a full view of the registers will let heat flow through the space more efficiently, so there won’t be any wasted heat. 

Comment your best heat saving tips below!

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