7 Pieces To Maximize Storage In Your Tiny Apartment

Sometimes space is limited. Whether you’ve got just a tiny bathroom or your whole apartment is small, you’ll need to know how to maximize storage to get the most out of your new digs. Thankfully, there are tons of pieces to maximize storage in your tiny apartment. From drawer organizers to multi-purpose furniture, you’ve got options to make your small apartment cozy and functional.

Where should you start? That depends on your needs. Are you a book lover who needs storage for their tomes? Do you love clothes so much that no closet could possibly be big enough? Good news, there’s something for everyone out there. These 7 pieces to maximize storage in your tiny apartment are just a starting point.

1. Bed Storage

MALM High Bed Fram/2 Storage Boxes, $254, IKEA

Even if you have a twin bed, you can still get some storage out of it. IKEA sells beds with built-in storage underneath. Whether you need to store clothes, shoes, or extra bed linens, beds with storage are a great way to add extra space with a piece you’ll have to have in your apartment anyway.

2. Floating Shelves

Mercury Row Colvard 3 Piece Floating Shelf Set, $23.14, Wayfair

If you’re allowed to add shelves per your lease, then floating shelves are for you. Not only will they not take up any floor space for storage, but they’ll also act as decor while you maximize your space.

3. Drawer Organizers

SimpleHousewares Kitchen Pan and Pot Organizer, $14.97, Amazon

Don’t understand your usual methods of storage. Organizers are there not just to make your items, like pots and pans, look pretty. They also maximize space by keeping things in order as opposed to bouncing around all over your cabinets.

4. Command Hooks

3M Command Damage Free Utility Hooks, $9.31, Amazon

Don’t underestimate the power of Command Hooks. From creating a space to store a furry friend’s leash to acting as a way to hang things like jeans or tank tops on the wall instead of in a closet or on a wardrobe rack, they’ve got tons of uses.

5. Corner Desk

Corner Writing Desk, $85, Walmart

Furniture can certainly take up a ton of space. That’s why you should be strategic about placement, and a corner desk if perfect. Not only is is small, but because it can be placed in the corner, it takes up much less square footage.

6. Stacking Storage

Grey Opaque Modular Stackable Drawers, $12.99-$49.99, The Container Store

If you’re looking for a nightstand or end table, why not make it double as storage? These stackable boxes from The Container storeĀ are meant for dual purposes, and they’re perfect to create a cross between storage and furniture.

7. Hanging Laundry

Over-the-Door Canvas Laundry Bag in Natural, $19.99, Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Don’t let your clothing be a reason you lose space, and don’t let laundry baskets do it either. Anything that’s hangable is your friend, so snag this laundry bag now.

While you may think your apartment is tiny or you don’t have enough space, don’t worry. There are tons of ways to make sure you get the most space for you buck thanks to these 7 pieces to maximize storage.

Lead Image: Patrick Perkins/Unsplash

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