To Grill… Or Not to Grill

Moving into your first apartment is a great time to explore new things… like cooking! If you’re not a huge cook, learning to grill can be a quick and easy way to include healthy food into your diet without much effort. Grilled meats, veggies, potatoes, and more can give you tasty variety. Think through these questions to decide for yourself if grilling is for you.

Does your apartment complex have a grill nearby?

If the answer is yes, and it’s included as an amenity, learn how to use it! I’ve lived in places that have grills scattered in walking trails and in their pool complex. If you have them available and they’re free to use… use it! Not sure if they are included or curious to get started?

Ask your landlord …

1) If grills are available for use
2) What kind of grills they offer (gas? charcoal?)
3) What are the associated rules? (what do you have to provide? who’s responsible for keeping them clean? is there a schedule to use them?)

Are you allowed to have a grill on your porch or patio? Do you have space?

If you’re comfortable cooking on the grill and are ready to take it to the next level, consider purchasing one for your porch or patio! Of course, check with your landlord on if they are allowed or not – I’ve lived in places where they were allowed and places they weren’t – before making any big purchases.

Having a grill right outside your door gives you the chance to use it more often (and makes it easy!). If you’re in the market for one, check late-summer sales at hardware stores or look online. They are one of the most commonly “left-behind” items at apartments and homes, so there are tons available for resale online!

What other options do you have? 

If you are living in a highrise apartment building, open fire grilling is most likely not available for you, even if you have a balcony. The best news? If you just love grilled food, check out some options that are great for use inside your apartment!

Remember, grilling your food can be a healthy way to cook without too much effort!~ Consider the options you have and what may work best for you and your lifestyle…. and happy grilling!

Sam’s Grilling 101 – The Perfect Hamburger

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