Living with Man’s Best Friend: Best Dog Breeds for An Apartment

Before you let that cute dog in the pet store window or a shelter steal your heart, make sure you do a little research to find out if your building allows pets and which dog breeds are best suited for your living situation. Many landlords will let you know their pet policy as soon as you take a tour. If you don’t hear anything about pets, be sure to ask. And don’t forget to find out about any fees you may have pay. You don’t want to move in with your pet and realize too late that your “best friend” is not welcome.

Typically, pet policies are restrictive to the size and weight of dog and often include breed restrictions targeted at “aggressive” breeds. However, it’s also important to consider the socialization and activity levels needed to keep a dog healthy and happy in an apartment setting. The temperament of the dog must agree not only with the space but also with anyone else sharing the apartment, including roommates, other animals, or children. So, here is a list of some of the most apartment friendly dogs, accompanied by their size, temperament, and activity level! And also some cute dog pictures…obviously.

Shih Tzu

Weight: 9-16 pounds

Temperament: Affectionate

Activity Level: Low



Weight: 3-7 pounds

Temperament: BIG personality with loyalty to their owner.

Activity Level: Low but require daily walks


Bichon Frise

Weight: 12-18 pounds

Temperament: Intelligent and affectionate with a hypoallergenic coat! Good with other dogs and kids.

Activity Level: Low to moderate


Boston Terrier

Weight: 12-25 pounds

Temperament: Lively and friendly

Activity level: Moderate



French Bulldog

Weight: Under 30 pounds

Temperament: Playful and smart. Plus they normally don’t bark!

Activity level: Low


English Bulldog

Weight: 40-50 pounds

Temperament: Friendly and calm. Love to snuggle (even at 50 pounds!).

Activity level: Moderate- should not be exercised in hot environments!




Cocker Spaniel

Weight: 20-30 pounds

Temperament: Gentle and happy. Plays well with kids and other dogs!

Activity level: Moderate to high




Weight: 14-18 pounds

Temperament: Charming and loving but will get into mischief!

Activity level: Low- they thrive in moderate climates otherwise health concerns may arise.



Weight: Who knows!

Temperament: You won’t know until you meet them!

Activity level: It’s a mixed bag!


I’m a big proponent of adopting and not shopping when it comes to pets! Often, adopting is not only a more cost-effective option but also gives you the chance to provide a loving home to an animal that otherwise may not get to experience one! No, animal shelter doggies are not always “purebred” but they are purely loving and in need of a home. Take it from someone with a mutt, rescuing an animal without a home is one of the best decisions you can make!  

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  1. Avatar Kevin

    Our male Chihuahua, Kevin is the greatest dog ever!

    He is “alpha-male” the most protective beast AND loving creature.

    Great for the apartment he does a sprint, laps, every afternoon about 4pm when I shut down my “work from home” desk.