5 Kitchen Organizers You Never Thought You Needed But Kind Of Do

Kitchens get dirty. Kitchens also get cluttered. Whether your family or friends threw you a housewarming party for moving into your first apartment, you’ve just managed to collection way too much stuff, or you’re kind of an at-home chef genius, the kitchen may be the place with the most unseen accessories. That’s why these 5 kitchen organizers are going to be your best friend even if you never thought you needed them.

Just think about it. You’ve got your silverware, your place settings, your drinking glasses, glasses for specific drinks, cooking utensils, pots, pan, spice, the list goes on. There’s almost always something new coming into the kitchen, and you need a way to keep it all straight. That’s where good organization (especially in a small space) comes into play.

What kitchen organizers do you need to make sure your space is as well utilized as possible?

Spice Rack

Spectrum Tiered Shelf Organier, $14.99, Target

If you’ve got a pantry, cabinet, or drawer filled with spices, it’s definitely time you get an organizer. This tiered rack is perfect whether you’re working with a pantry or cabinet. If you’ve got a drawer, never fear, there are also drawer organizers, you just may need to get creative. Try desk organizers for your spices, and you’ll be good to go.

Dish Drying Rack

Room Essentials Kitchen Storage Racks, $8.99, Target

Sure, you might be blessed enough to have a dishwasher, and if so, lucky you. If not, though, you know what it’s like to keep dishes from piling up in the sink and then figuring out how to drain them in your limited counter space. Good news, drying racks are your friends. Many, like this one from Target, also feature hooks on the side for cups making it totally space efficient and useful.

Pot + Pan Shelves

Threshold Helper Shelf, $7.99, Target

If you’ve got a burgeoning collection of pots and pans, it may be hard to figure out how to fit them all in one place. The solution? These helper shelves! They’ll create a second shelf inside your cabinets and instantly increase the space you have as well as help you organize your items.

Knife Edge Guards

Ergo Chef Universal Knife Edge Guard, $6.39, Target

If you don’t have a stand to place your knifes in, an edge guard is the perfect tool for you. No one wants to reach into a drawer and get a nasty knife-y surprise, now do they? Not only do the edge guards protect your fingers, but they also protect your knifes and prevent them from dulling over time.

Can Storage

Atlantic Kitchen Storage Can Rack, $19.99, Target

Cans take up a lot of space, and sure, you can stack them, but aren’t you a little worried about opening your cabinet one day and being nailed on the toe by a falling can? Yeah, I thought so. That’s why this can rack is ideal, and yes it’s actually real. You can buy something to organize your cans. Honestly, it’s a space saver, and it helps you keep your life organized.

While you may think that cabinets and drawers are sufficient, it’s just because you haven’t been introduced to these five pieces of kitchen organization that you must have. Now, it’s time to do some shopping.

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