5 Ways To Beat Homesickness In A New City

As a child I was always the one at sleepovers to call my mom at midnight, begging her to pick me up. Homesickness followed me to every school trip, summer vacation, and moving into my first apartment. Once the excitement of being in a new city and a new apartment wore off, I was left with that gut-wrenching longing for familiar surroundings.

The more time you spend exploring your new stomping ground the more comfortable you’ll be, but there are a few things you can do to ease the ache.

Decorate with things that remind you of home

You may not have had the room to pack a lot of stuff from home, but there are other ways you can bring some homelike warmth into your new place. Hang pictures of friends and family, light candles with your favorite scent,  or frame a map of your hometown.

Create a routine

Creating a routine is one of the most important things to do when moving to a new city. Often, homesickness can manifest due to not only change in location, but also a change in your day to day life. Continuing your current routine, or starting a new one will help you feel in control of your new life.

A new routine can be something as simple as stopping for coffee at the same place every morning, grocery shopping on Wednesdays, or doing yoga Saturday mornings. Start small, and your weekly routine will fill in naturally over time.

Explore your neighborhood

Take a weekend to be a tourist in your new city and explore local coffee shops, markets and attractions. Getting out and about is so important to your mental health, and as you get used to your surroundings they will start to feel like home.

Taking care of your physical health is just as important as mental health. Ask around about local gyms, walking trails, yoga studios, or drop in sports teams.

Keep in touch

Social media makes it so easy to feel like we’re a part of our loved ones everyday life without actually being there. Homesickness mixed with fear of missing out can be combated with video chatting, sharing photos, group chats, or blogging about your new life.

Make plans to go home

Having a date marked on the calendar to go home will give you something to look forward to and ease the pain of homesickness. Invite family and friends to come visit between holidays, and the time between visits will pass quickly.

Have you ever dealt with homesickness? Comment below and let us know your own tips for handling it!



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