Should You Live With a CoWorker?

When looking for a roommate, especially in a new city, it’s a great idea to ask around at your place of work to see if anyone you know also needs a roommate! But is living with a coworker the best idea? Before taking the plunge with your cube-mate, think over these key questions to make the best decision.

Do you work closely together?

Living with your work bestie may seem like the perfect fit, but it’s easy to get sick of a person you spend 24/7 with! If you spend all day in the office with a certain coworker, sitting near each other or on the same team, for example, you might want to keep looking. Also, consider the worst case scenario of you two not getting along as roommates… how would that impact your day to day life at work?

Are they reliable at work?

Consider how your coworker acts in your work environment. Do they show up late or early? Come in prepared for the task at hand? Do they slack off or try to avoid tasks? Most people put their best foot forward at work to ensure they keep their job! If your co-worker doesn’t put forth a reliable impression, they might not make a reliable roommate. Remember that you’ll have to split bills (and pay them on time!) with this person, as well as keeping the apartment clean. Keep an eye out on their habits!

Do they like to gossip?

Is your coworker the one who knows everyone’s private business and loves to gossip? Do you want to keep your private life separate from your work life? Or maybe you are happy to share with the office the news that you and your boyfriend had a fight. Before moving in with an office mate, make sure that you two share the same sense of privacy and boundaries.

Could there be a conflict of interest if you or they get promoted?

When looking for a roommate at work, look for people with a similar job title or level of responsibility to you. You wouldn’t want the coworker to be promoted to be your boss, for instance, because that could lead to a serious conflict of interest. Vice versa, it could also limit your career opportunities. Similar levels in your company would be best!

What’s their work attitude like?

Keep an eye on your potential coworker’s attitude at work! Are they pleasant to be around or enthusiastic? Do they keep to themselves? Are they always complaining about something? Seeing them at work gives you unique insight into their behaviors and personality and help you decide if you’d like to live with them at all.

Be extra thoughtful when moving in with a coworker. When done well, it can be a great experience but if you make a mistake it can make your life difficult 24/7!

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