Quiz: Do You Need a Moving Company?

Hiring a moving company can either be the best decision you’ve made with your move, or a waste of cash. But, for your first move, how will you know whether it’s what you need or straight up extra?!

Take this quick quiz to understand if you should consider hiring a moving company for your first move.

1. Do you have expendable income after other moving expenses?

a) I have some left over without digging into savings
b) Does savings count?
c) Funny joke… absolutely not!

2. How much large furniture do you have that you can’t lift yourself?

a) 4-5 big pieces, like a sofa, bed and mattress, dresser, television and bulky stand
b) 1-3 big pieces
c)  Just the basics, like a mattress and small sofa

3. Do you have friends or family in the area who can help you move?

a) Nope
b) One or two would be able to help
c) Yes, quite a few!

4. What modes of transportation do you have access to currently?

a) Pretty limited – I have a small car or use public transportation
b) I have a car or SUV
c) I have access to a truck

5. How accessible is your new apartment?

a) It’s up 5 flights of stairs (and/or other difficult experience!)
b) Fairly accessible
c) Very easy to move in and out


Mostly a’s

If you passed the first question of having expendable income following other moving expenses, you seem like a perfect candidate to hire a moving company that can help you get big, heavy furniture to your new place. Do your research, ask friends and family for recommendations, and compare pricing with moving companies before hiring one. Be sure to move your valuables or extremely fragile items yourself if possible!

Mostly b’s

Depending on your budget, we’d recommend you check out a rental truck for the day! With help from friends or family, moving day doesn’t have to be stressful. This is a very cost-effective way to move, as you get the benefit of a big truck without the cost of movers! Be sure to let your friends know your moving schedule, be all packed and ready when they arrive, and don’t forget a big “thank you!”

Mostly c’s

With access to a truck or big car yourself and a crowd of friends and family behind you, it sounds like you’re capable of doing the move yourself! Corral your helpers, have them bring their own cars, and caravan from your old place or home to your new apartment! Again, don’t forget to let your friends know your moving schedule, be all packed and ready when they arrive, and tell them “thank you!!”

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