Prepping For a Weekend Getaway

Heading on a long weekend getaway? More power to you! Since you’re spending some cash to get away, consider these tips to save money and secure your apartment while you’re gone.

Close the blinds & curtains

You’ll be surprised, but closing the blinds and curtains helps eliminate the need for air conditioning and traps the heat or cold in your apartment while you’re away. This is a great safety measure as well.

Turn off the air conditioning

You’re not going to be using it on your weekend getaway, so shut off air conditioning to save even more!  If you’re not willing to turn it off, turn it way up (summer) or down (winter) so it doesn’t work as hard while you’re away. If you have a smart thermostat, you can always turn the temperature back to normal on your way home!

Note: Never shut off your heat in the winter if you live in an area where you might get below freezing temperatures.

Unplug electronics

For additional savings on your weekend getaway, unplug big electronics in your apartment like televisions, computers, chargers, routers, or big lamps. Even when these items are off, they pull some energy. You may not notice a huge savings while you’re away, but if you do this over time, you should save a few bucks… and every penny adds up on vacation! During summer, another reason to unplug electronics is to protect them from getting fried in a power surge if there is a lightning strike nearby.

Clean out the fridge

A few days before you leave, check out the contents of your refrigerator! Eat anything you can before you leave. This will save you cash from eating out during the week and limit your food waste! The day before you leave, clean out any perishables that may go bad while you’re gone. Take all trash out to the dumpster the day you leave to avoid stinky smells when you return. Be sure to also wash any dishes before you leave!

Make plans for pets

Of course, think about any furry or scaly friends you have in your apartment! Hire a friend to watch your pets or drop them off at a friend’s or family member’s house for the weekend. Think about them in advance!

Finish chores before you leave

Finally, try to take thirty minutes to finish up any chores before you leave. Straighten up so when you walk in the door from your weekend getaway, you feel relaxed, not stressed about all the chores you need to do!


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