10 Pinterest Inspired Moving Hacks

I hate moving. I hate it so much that I procrastinate packing for months, until it’s the night before and I’m crying over the dozens of boxes I still have to pack. The last time we moved, I scoured the internet for the best hacks to make the entire process easier for me, and here are my favorites!

Color Coded Boxes

Adding a bright piece of different colored neon duct tape to each box will help you quickly figure out what room each box belongs in without having to read or open the box. When you get to your new apartment, color code each room by putting post it notes in corresponding colors on each door. This will be a great help to any family or friends who are helping you move, and it makes the entire process a bit quicker.

Use Plastic Totes For Breakables & Heavier Items

To be honest, I used plastic totes for almost everything during our last move. They’re especially helpful for dishes, heavy books, and any other items you don’t want to fall out the bottom of a cardboard box.

Pack Your Suit Cases

It might seem obvious, but your existing luggage, tote bags, etc., can be used to move items to your new place! Rolling luggage is especially useful for heavier items that you don’t want to carry.

Put Hanging Clothes In Garbage Bags

I remember thinking that this was such a genius hack when I first read it a few years ago, and I was right! Just bunch your clothing on hangers close together, and lift a garbage bag over them. When you get to the new apartment, simply hang the clothes back up and pull the garbage bag off.

Pack An Essentials Box

This was a life-saver for us! Pack a box full of items you may need during your first night at the new place. This includes a flashlight, take-out menus, cleaning supplies, pet food, plastic plates and utensils, an extension cord, tools, bottled water and anything else you may need during that chaotic first day.

Use Soft Household Items For Packing

This isn’t so much of a Pinterest hack as it is a “my grandmother taught me this” hack. I don’t think I’ve ever received anything breakable from my grandmother that wasn’t wrapped in a towel or two. You could use towels, dishcloths, clothes or blankets as extra padding in boxes with breakables.

Use Large Ziploc Bags To Keep Like Items Together

Large Ziploc bags are perfect for keeping smaller items like silverware, cosmetics, or jewelry organized and together.

Tape Or Bag Up All Items That Can Spill

Nothing is worse than getting somewhere, opening a bag and seeing that your shampoo spilled all over everything. After a long day of moving, that would be enough to make anyone want to toss the entire box. To prevent this, tape the top of any items that could be a spill risk, or transport them in separate Ziploc bags.

Tape Cables To The Electronics They Belong To

I can not count the amount of times we’ve moved and I couldn’t find the right power cable for something. Somehow, I usually end up with a random bag of cords that eventually get sorted out later. Actually, now that I think of it, I think I still have a huge bag full of cables in my basement from our last move. Prevent this by using a bit of electrical tape to tape down the cable to the proper electronic. Just don’t forget to remove any tape before using it.

Keep A Plastic Tote Of Valuables And Important Documents

How many of you have your passport or birth certificate in a random drawer currently? Or a jewelry box full of priceless pieces of jewelry? Make a list of all items that you absolutely could not stand to lose, and pack all of those items in one plastic tote. Keep this tote in the truck of your car, or another safe place until everything else has been moved in.

Comment your best moving hacks below!


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